Carrier Access Broadmore 1750
TDM-to-ATM Conversion and Aggregation


Bridge the gap between ATM transport and TDM service delivery

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The Broadmore 1750 enables service providers to extend their capital budgets, reduce their operating costs, and accelerate service availability. It brings the proven cost-efficiency and high performance of ATM networks to TDM based DS3 service creation. By encapsulating TDM-based traffic within ATM cells using standards-based Circuit Emulation Service (CES), the Broadmore 1750 allows traffic to be transported over Permanent or Switched Virtual Circuits (PVCs or SVCs). Concurrently, it concentrates lower-speed DS3 circuits onto a single high-speed OC-12c/STM-4c optical ATM circuit. The Broadmore 1750 provides carrier-quality reliability in its 17-slot chassis through 1+1 SONET automatic protection switching (APS), 1:4 DS3 dropside protection, fully redundant CPU, common equipment, and power supplies.

Slash backhaul and interconnection costs

Traditionally, service providers were forced to maintain multiple DS3 physical circuits at both the network
edge and at the core office, requiring significant coaxial cabling and complex provisioning of ATM switches,
SONET Add/Drop Multiplexers (ADM), and Digital Cross-Connect Systems (DCS). The Broadmore
1750 reduces backhaul and interconnection costs by logically provisioning DS3 circuits at the network
edge as ATM virtual circuits. It concentrates traffic over a single optical ATM connection directly into an
ATM switch to be carried over an ATM network. This allows the DS3 circuits to be virtually provisioned
end-to-end over PVCs or SVCs instead of costly physical circuits.
Service providers can save time and reduce operating costs by provisioning DS3 circuits directly through
an easy-to-use menu-driven interface. Simplifying the provisioning of these circuits can also help reduce
service provisioning time and costs while improving customer satisfaction.
Extend ATM to your network
The Broadmore 1750 allows TDM-based traffic to be carried over ATM virtual circuits, dramatically
reducing the cost and complexity of DS3 service creation. It distributes up to 11 protected and redundant
DS3 circuits from one OC-12c ATM circuit for a lower cost-per-port than other solutions. Within the
core network, ATM switches can be configured with higher-speed OC-12c interfaces instead of lowerspeed
DS3 CES interfaces. This allows the ATM switch to route more traffic and reduces the need to
buy more switches, which conserves limited floor and rack space. By directly connecting the Broadmore
1750 to the core ATM switch and bypassing ADM and DCS equipment, service providers can extend ATM
to the network edge and add value as network traffic increases. This solution improves performance and
makes both the ATM and TDM segments of the infrastructure more cost-efficient.

Key Features:

? Provides DS3 CES circuit provisioning from ATM networks
? Complies with ATM Forum CES version 2 standard
? Supplies redundant and protected Network Interface Modules (NIMs) and Service Access Modules
? Supports SONET Automatic Protection Switching (APS) per TelcordiaTM GR-253-CORE
? Offers up to 1:4 unchannelized DS3 circuit protection
? Distributes redundant -48 VDC power rails to each module
? Includes local 10Base-T Ethernet port for SNMP management
? Supports in-band management utilizing RFC 1577/LANE 2.0
? NEBS Level-3, Type 2 certified

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