Carrier Access Axxius 800 Integrated Access Device for DS1 DS3 T1 

Multiport CSU/DSU, Integrated Access Device, Terminal Server Route and 3/1/0 Digital Cross-connect applications. Supports DS3 add-drop functions, up to 36 T1s, 16 V.35 ports, or 32 Terminal Server/E, Voice and Data Access Device


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Carrier Access Axxius 800 

A new level of functionality and performance. Through a wide variety of drop-and-insert service modules, Axxius™ 800 can be easily configured to deliver today's wireless voice and data service offerings, as well as 2.5G/3G access and application delivery. It can deploy up to 32 T1 tributary circuits or any mix of voice and high-speed data services — in only two rack units (RU).

Axxius 800 R1.1 Access integration platform with redundancy features that fulfill multiport CSU/DSU, Integrated Access Device, Terminal Server Route and 3/1/0 Digital Cross-connect applications. Supports DS3 add-drop functions, up to 36 T1s, 16 V.35 ports, or 32 Terminal Server/E Supports Adit 600 FXO, ISDN-BRI and OCU-DP Cards. A single POTS voice card is also avaialble for provisioning an order-wire voice integrated SNMP and GUI management software. The most versatile small 3/1/0 Integration Access Platform available for service pro.

The new standard in wireless access infrastructure

The Axxius™ 800 Access Integration Platform defines a new level of functionality and performance for wireless access infrastructure by enabling wireless carriers to provide additional services and derive more revenue at dramatically lower costs. Integrating many different access and bandwidth management functions into a single modular platform, the Axxius 800 delivers transport, edge routing, and bandwidth intelligence to the access point of the wireless network. This eliminates bandwidth under-utilization and inefficiencies between wireless cell site radios, periphery equipment, and the high-speed carrier edge or core network.

The Network Infrastructure Challenge
Network technologies . . . federal mandates . . . transport media . . . cell site infrastructure requirements . . . increased network traffic . . .equipment deployments . . . physical space issues . . . growing network topology requirements — the growing list of internal and external challenges facing wireless service providers is daunting. These issues aggravate the inefficiency of traditional bandwidth delivery mechanisms, which are comprised mainly of legacy CSUs or similar low-end access devices.

The Axxius 800 overcomes these challenges by leveraging and integrating the capabilities of several field-proven Carrier Access developed technologies. The result is an extremely compact, highly integrated solution that serves today’s wireless voice and data needs and delivers tomorrow’s next-generation services. A true carrier–quality platform with full common card redundancy and 1:n service protection, the Axxius 800 supplies high-availability for today’s critical service needs. Outside plant environmental hardening helps ensure reliable operation under the most extreme conditions.

Unprecedented Scalable Bandwidth and Capacity
The Axxius 800 provides expansive network and service capacity within a remarkably small unit. The advanced bandwidth management capability of the Axxius 800 includes full 3/1/0 cross-connect functionality, scaling from DS0 granularity up to dual DS3 — ensuring the most efficient use of network resources.

With eight slots for a wide variety of hardened service and controller cards, the Axxius 800 provides connections for a broad combination of voice and data services. It can deploy up to 32 T1 tributary circuits or any mix of voice and high-speed data services, satisfying bandwidth requirements of wireless cell site radios and periphery equipment in only two rack units (RU).

This unmatched flexibility in wireless access infrastructure results in more services and revenues derived from a given set of network assets. The ideal solution for fulfilling the demands of wireless provider network, the Axxius 800 readily meets growing service and bandwidth requirements.

Outstanding Operational Savings
The features and capabilities of the Axxius 800 ensure that network operation costs are reduced by eliminating wasted bandwidth, reducing equipment space needs, and decreasing configuration time. Through a wide variety of service modules, a diverse set of wireless site assets can be readily interfaced with a single economical, space- and bandwidth-saving platform that further reduces network costs and extends the useful life of existing facilities and assets.

Exceptional 2.5G/3G Access Bandwidth and Application Delivery
The design and architecture of the Axxius 800 allows seamless migration to and incremental investment in emerging technologies and applications. Now wireless carriers can address future access needs confidently and completely. Through upgradeable software and easily replaceable cards, the Axxius 800 can be configured to deliver an ever-increasing array of service offerings, as well as address future needs for ATM, IP and broadband transport.

Easy Cell Site Integration
Designed for environments challenged by climate and limited space, such as cell site cabinets or huts, the Axxius 800 is a 19- or 23-inch compact, 2RU, feature-rich system. The rear panel of the Axxius 800 chassis is fully connectorized and designed for the tight confines of cell site cabinets. Its Connector Panel provides all the physical interfaces and electrical T1 or DS3 circuit interfaces.

Simple Remote End-to-End Management
The Carrier Access NetworkValet™ Enhanced Management System enables wireless service providers to reduce service and maintenance costs by remotely configuring, monitoring, and testing the Axxius 800 from anywhere on the network. Remote operators can make instantaneous service changes, check the operation of the equipment, and often fix problems without sending a service technician to the site. This remote end-to-end management allows the operator to control and test the equipment right up to the service demarcation point.

Always-on Availability
Setting the new standard for wireless access infrastructure, the Axxius 800 is designed to be the most dependable product in its class. Due to its mission critical nature and expected deployment environments, this true carrier-quality platform offers full common card redundancy and 1:n service protection, providing continuous availability for today's critical service needs. Plus, outside plant environmental hardening helps ensure reliable operation under the harshest conditions.

As with all our solutions, the Axxius 800 is manufactured in our world-class ISO 9001 facility and is designed to meet the highest quality standards.

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