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Carrier Access makes Access Devices, Multipexers, Digital Cross-Connects, DCS solutions, Axxius 800, Adit 3104, adit 3402 ,Adit 600, Adit 105, Exxtenz 100 200, Access Bank I, Access Bank II, Access Exchange, Wide Bank 28/DS3, Wide Bank 28/STS-1, Broadmore 1700, Broadmore 1750Broadmore 500, Broadway, FREEway,  Management NetworkValet and RemoteValet Software

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About Carrier Access:

Carrier Access is an equipment manufacturer that helps more than 1,800 telecommunications companies accelerate service revenue, lower operating costs and extend capital budgets by applying our high-performance access and service creation technologies.

Founded in 1992, Carrier Access has maintained solid customer and revenue growth, earning repeated recognition by industry analysts and media as one of the nation's best-managed companies.

Carrier Access? products are held to the highest possible reliability and interoperability standards, including TelcordiaTM OSMINE, NEBS Level-3 and ISO 9001.

Carrier Access Serves Multiple Markets

Carrier Access provides integrated solutions to incumbent, wireless, competitive and other telecom carriers, enabling them to anticipate, prepare for and deliver next-generation voice, data, video and application services.

Carrier Access Solutions:


Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC) include the four Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs), plus all of the smaller Independent Operating Companies (IOCs).


Wireless carriers include both mobile and fixed wireless companies - providers that transmit voice conversations and data traffic using radio waves rather than copper wire.


For cable providers, 2002 will continue the challenges that started in 2000, with emphasis on growing the customer base, deploying more service delivery and optimizing network infrastructure.

IXC/Global Service Provider

International Exchange Carriers (IXC) and Global Service Providers consist of the largest service providers that operate with International, Multi-national, or transnational corporations


US Federal Government spending on telecommunications will increase at a compound 7% annual growth rate from $12.5B in FY2003 to $17.3B in FY2008 with Homeland Security, E-Government, and Department of Defense budgets the largest contributors.

 Carrier Access Products Page