Carrier Access FREEway
License-free 5.3/5.8 GHz Point-to-point DS3/Ethernet Microwave Radio


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Carrier Access FREEway
License-free 5.3/5.8 GHz Point-to-point DS3/Ethernet
Microwave Radio

Key Features:
• License-free operation in the 5.8 GHz ISM band or 5.3 GHz UNII band
• DS3/Ethernet or Ethernet-only configuration
• Advanced design is extremely resistant to interference
- Remote, software controlled dual sub-band frequency peration
- Very narrow RF channel bandwidth (16 MHz)
• Environmentally hardened single unit design for indoor or outdoor installation
• Integrated antenna or external antenna options
• SNMP, Telnet, and web browser management
• Integrated, remote controlled path diagnostics and troubleshooting utilities

Reduce operating capital expenses with cost-effective, license-free radios:
FREEway is a fully hardened, self-contained point-to-point microwave radio. The architecture is
designed for either indoor or outdoor use, and is a carrier-class design supporting 99.999%
availability. FREEway's TDM and packet based feature set combined with a robust resistance to
RF interference make it an ideal solution for cellular/PCS.

Two configurations are available, each for operation in either the 5.3GHz UNII or 5.8GHz ISM
bands. A dual DS3/Ethernet configuration supports both a full duplex 45 Mbps DS3 channel
and a 1 Mbps Ethernet wayside channel. An Ethernet-only configuration supports 45 Mbps of
full duplex transmission.

Unlike competitive solutions that require 50 Mhz of spectrum and only support a single
sub-band for each radio path, FREEway utilizes very narrow 16 MHz RF channel bandwidth.
When combined with Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) operation and very low latency, these
advanced technical design attributes make FREEway extremely resistant to RF interference.
Installations in even harsh, dense urban environments are feasible.

FREEway has two antenna options: an integral space saving flat panel antenna option for
applications up to four miles, or an external antenna connection for applications up to 40 miles.
Maintaining Carrier Access’ product design focus on advanced remote control and diagnostics,
FREEway supports SNMP, Telnet, or web browser based management connectivity. Remote
configuration and diagnostics is supported including built-in utilities for bit error rate testing
(BERT) and loopbacks for both network and RF interfaces.

With carrier-class design and performance, Carrier Access’ FREEway family of radios is the ideal
high-capacity solution for mobile wireless service providers, wireless ISPs, carriers, and private
enterprises that are looking to upgrade and expand their networks.

What makes FREEway different?
• License free operation eliminates cost and complexity of alternative wireline or licensed microwave solutions
• Flexible design supports both TDM and packet based networking
• Advanced RF transmission design makes deployment feasible in dense urban environments
• Extremely price competitive compared to other industry solutions



• Frequency bands
- UNII: 5.250–5.350 GHz per FCC CFR47, Part
- ISM: 5.725–5.825 GHz per FCC CFR47, Part
• Capacity options:
- 1 x DS3 payload and 2 x 10/100Base-T Ethernet
(switched) or 2 x 10/100Base-T Ethernet payload
• Channel Bandwidth: 16 MHz
DS3/Ethernet Version:
• Type: 1 DS3 per GR-499-CORE and 2 x Ethernet per
IEEE 802.3
• Over-the-air DS3 Channel Data Rate: 44.736 Mbps
full duplex
• Wayside Ethernet Channel Data Rate: 1 Mbps, full
• DS3 Line Code:
- B3ZS, framed and clear channel applications supported
• DS3 Interface: 75 ohms unbalanced
• Ethernet Interfaces:
- 2 x 10/100 auto-negotiate, switched
Ethernet-only Version:
• Ethernet interfaces: 2 x 10/100 auto-negotiate,
• Over-the-air Data Rate: 45 Mbps full duplex
• Output Power (adjustable): 16 dBm (maximum)
• Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC): User
• Transmit attenuation: 1 - 30 dB adjustable below
maximum power
• Frequency stability: ± 5 ppm
• Modulation: 16 QAM
• Type: Double heterodyne
• Sensitivity: BER 10-6, -78 dBm or better, including
Forward Error Correction (FEC)
• Maximum RF Input Level: -35 dBm
• Unfaded BER Typically better than BER 10-12
• Frequency Stability: +/-5 ppm
• Adjacent Channel Rejection: Greater than or equal to
40 dB (RF bandwidth of less than or equal to 16 MHz)
  License-free 5.3/5.8 GHz Point-to-point DS3/Ethernet Microwave Radio
Network Management:
• SNMP: MIB-II support and private FREEway
• Craft Interface: RS-232 Command Line Interface
• Integrated HTTP server and web browser user interface
Status Indicators/Diagnostics:
• External LED indicators:
- Power/local alarm, RF link, DS3 input, Ethernet
• Alarms:
- DS3 LOS, AIS, radio TX, radio RX, BER threshold
• Status:
- NMS IP addresses, BER, TX power, receive signal
level, loopback test status, DS3 input, Ethernet
• Configuration Commands:
- NMS IP address, TX power, TX mute, Automatic
Transmit Power Control (ATPC), frequency, RSL,
BER alarm, loopback tests, BER tests
• Diagnostic testing features: Bit Error Rate (BER) and
local/remote/RF loopback
• Performance monitoring: Receive Signal Strength
Indicator (RSSI) connector and spectrum analyzer
mode for interference coordination
• Input Voltage Range: ±21 to 60 VDC (100 - 240 VAC
with external power supply)
• Power Consumption: 30 watts maximum
• Dimensions:
- 12 in (H) x 12 in (W) x 4 in (D)
- 30.5 cm (H) x 30.5 cm (W) x 10.2 cm (D)
• Weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)
• Operating Temperature: 14 °F to 149 °F
(-33 °C to 60 °C)
• Altitude: 15,000 feet (4,500 meters)
• Relative humidity: Outdoor, all-weather enclosure
FCC Information (US only):
• 5.3 Ghz (low band): OEWCX-DS3-53G
- Certification: FCC Part 15.407, Subpart E (UNII
• 5.8 GHz (high band): OEWCX-DS3-58G
- Certification: FCC Part 15.247, Subpart C (ISM


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