JPS Interoperability Solutions

The industry leader in radio interoperability technology

We are pleased to announce that Data Connect is now a JPS Distributor
JPS products have proven vital in maintaining robust public safety, military, federal and private sector communications interoperability
during day-to-day operations, natural disasters and special events for the many agencies using them around the world.

ACU-Z1 Interoperability Gateway
RSP-Z2 Dual-Channel Gateway
JPS VIA PTT over Cellular
ACU-2000 IP Audio Communication Gateway
ACU-5000 IP-Based Interoperability Gateway
ACU-M Mission Critical Interoperability
ACU-T Tactical Interconnect System
ACU SIP-LMR Channel Bank
WAIS Wide Area Interoperability System
ARA-1 SIP to Radio Interface
MXU-2A Network Extention Unit
SNV-12 Signal and Noise Voter
Interoperability Cables