Wireless Access Point

A wireless access point (WAP or AP) is a device that "connects" wireless communication devices together to create a wireless network. The WAP is usually connected to a wired network, and can relay data between devices on each side. Many WAPs can be connected together to create a larger network that allows "roaming". In contrast, a network where the client devices manage themselves is called an ad-hoc network.

Low-cost, easily-installed WAPs offer a way to avoid tangled messes of Category 5 cable associated with typical Ethernet networks.  While wiring a business, home, or school often requires stringing many cables through walls and ceilings, wireless networking offers the ability to cut down on, or eliminate entirely, the number of cables needing to be strung. Wireless networks also allow users greater mobility; freeing individuals from the need to be stuck at a computer cabled to the wall

A typical corporate use of a WAP is to attach it to a wired network, and then provide wireless client adapters for users who need them. Within the range of the WAP, the wireless end-user has a full network connection with the benefit of mobility. In this instance, the WAP is a gateway for clients to access the wired network. Another use is to bridge two wired networks where cable is not appropriate; for example, a manufacturer can wirelessly connect a remote warehouse's wired network with a separate (though within line of sight) office's wired network.

Data Connect Enterprise
offers a full range of Wireless Access Point Devices From NetGear to Motorola Canopy

Netgear Products
Motorola Canopy 9001AP Access Point
Motorola Canopy 9000APF Access Point
Motorola Canopy 2450AP 2.4 GHz Advantage Access Point
Motorola Canopy 5250AP 5.2 GHz Advantage Access Point
Motorola Canopy 9001APF AP w/ Filter and AES Encryption 60 degree Integrated Antenna
Motorola Canopy Wireless Broadband T1 E1 Radios
Motorola Canopy 5.2 Ghz Wireless Access Point 10 Mbps Backhaul Radio
Motorola Canopy 5.7 Ghz
Motorola Canopy 2.4 Ghz
Motorola Canopy 900 Mhz
MHS100100 Spectra-910 FHSS 900 MHz
Microhard Spectra 2400 enclosed 2.4 GHz Wireless modem Spectra-2400 FHSS
MHS100200 Spectra-2400 FHSS 2.4 GHz RS232 RS422 RS485 Wireless modem
MHX-910 OEM Wireless Module
Microhard MHX-910 Embedded OEM 900 MHz Transceiver
MHX-2400 OEM Wireless Module
Microhard MHX-2400 Embedded 2.4 GHz transceiver
MHX-910 Embedded Wireless Modem
Wireless LAN Site Surveys Radio Microwave License Unlicensed
Wireless RF LAN 10/20 Mbps Switching/Bridging 23Ghz microwave
Carrier Access FREEway License-free 5.3/5.8 GHz Point-to-point DS3/Ethernet Microwave Radio
Wireless RS-232 Modem
GDC InnovX? NetPath SOHO Solution for Wireless Networks
RAD AirMux-200 Broadband Wireless Multiplexer
Proxim Antennas and Accessories
LAN 23GHz Microwave Radio with 10/100 Ethernet Bridge/Switch


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