Quick Eagle 4260 WAN Probe

The 4260 Serial WAN Probe enhances networks already equipped with Network Terminal Units (NTUs) or DSUs with WAN network performance monitoring, and IP and Frame Relay SLA services. The 4260 Serial WAN Probe connects serially between your router and your NTU (or external CSU/DSU) and performs network performance monitoring. It requires Quick Eagle Networks' probes (e.g. 4210 CSU/DSU with SLV, 4220 Access Multiplexer with SLV, 4260 Serial WAN Probe, or 4262 Network WAN Probe) at both ends of each WAN circuit to collect in real time throughput (Frame Relay and IP), availability, and latency on the WAN link.

The unit is SNMP-manageable, offers menu-driven configuration, includes comprehensive diagnostics, and complies with industry and regulatory standards. A Troubleshooter feature includes LMI conditioning, link-based testing, and in-band management. Furthermore, the 4260 Serial WAN Probe comes with a full set of network monitoring tools such as RMON-1, RMON-2, and Frame Relay SLA (FRF.13). These tools simplify installation and troubleshooting, thereby reducing network downtime and remote technician costs.

Main Features:

The 4262 Network WAN Probe

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