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MultiTech has a wide range of Modems  and  Multiplexers 

  • The MuItiModemZDX is a family of compact desktop modems that offers the ideal feature set, including 56K for super fast Internet access. This modem is perfect for the mainstream PC user market and vertical niche markets, such as UNIX', medical and retail point-of-sale applications.


  • The MultiModemZBA corporate user modems provide high-speed data transfer and fax capabilities for small businesses, telecommuters, and SOHO users. The USB model provides a user-friendly installation, while the voice model provides advanced voice mail features. All serial models feature callback security and operate over dial-up or two-wire leased lines.

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  • The MultiModemII corporate desktop modem provides high-speed data and fax communications, a robust feature set, and an industrial chassis for rock-solid reliability. This modem is ideal for corporate users and legacy systems.

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Simultaneous  Data and Voice

  • Patented V.70 DSVD digital simultaneous voice and data simultaneous data and voice over a single analog phone line. Cost-effective with universally available standard phone lines for 56K Internet access for high speed data transfers.

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Data Service Units CSU/DSU

  • The MultiDSU family is a combination Data Service Unit/Channel Service Unit (DSU/CSU) used to connect a router, frame relay device, or other DTE device to a high-bandwidth digital service. These DSUs are ideal for corporate point-to-point applications.

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Voice over Frame Relay

  • MultiFRAD Frame relay for data/voice/fax or point-to-point connectivity over T1/E1 (1.544M/2.048M) - IP/IPX protocol routing; bridges others.

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Voice/Fax Over IP Gateways 

  • The MultiVOIP voice over IP gateways provide predictable, real-time, toll-quality voice and fax communication over your existing IP data network or the Internet. 

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