32X, FAST, and SDC Modems


326X 14.4K bps sync; async to 57.6K w/V.42bis. Data rates: 14.4K (ITU V.32bis), 9600 (V.32), 7200, 4800, 2400 (V.22bis), 1200 (212) bps Remote configuration & set-up from a central site Offers 9# callback & network password security ACU responds to AT, V.25bis or LPDA command sets Fully loaded, easy to use menu-driven front panel with 6 LEDs, 4 push-button switches, and 16-character backlit LCD  

Some of these units are now out of production 
but we have a large stock of these in Like New, refurbished and used.


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40370 3260 Dial S/A
40371 3261 LL & Dial S/A
40372 3262 Dual Dial Card
40373 3263 LL & Dial Card

326X Fast V.34 with SDC


The NEW 3266 modem

Current Production 326X Models