TEL-42790 3266 V.34 SDC Standalone Modem
Telenetics LL and Dial  42790 Universal International K21

TEL-42790 Universal International (UI) K21 110/120/220 3266 V.34 SDC
LL and Dial Standalone Modem

The Telenetics Sunrise Series 3266 is the world's fastest sync modem that utilizes advanced Synchronous Data Compression (SDC) to transmit synchronous data up to 400% faster than any other modem. The Sunrise Series Telenetics 3266 modem sets calling interfaces via front panel or network management system and allows for automatic selection of modulation types and speed on call connection. It features data compression, with automatic negotiation on connection and continuously adapts modem rates to optimize through put independent of prevailing line conditions. It also controls unauthorized access to your modem and your network. Easy use allows network to be utilized to its maximum potential.

42790 33.6kbps ITU-T V.34 modem; V.42bis and MNP5 data compression; NMS; Security; LCD; dial and 2/4W leased line. Includes phone cables, User Guide and power cord.  Elec. Interface is V.24/RS-232 unless otherwise specified

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