HP Access Control Server Procurve 720wl J8153A


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Access Control Server Procurve 720wl J8153A

HP Access Control Server Procurve 720wl J8153A The HP ProCurve Secure Access 700wl series products offer powerful solutions for controlling and managing access to network resources across wireless LANs of all sizes.

The HP ProCurve Access Controller 720wl resides between wireless access points and the network and enforces user authentication and access rights based on the point of network access and time of day. To ensure the highest level of data privacy, the Access Controller 720wl offers a choice of robust industry-standard security protocols to protect data transmitted between the network and wireless clients—at the edge, where your network is most vulnerable. The Access Controller 720wl manages all user sessions on connected access points, maintains session persistence, and enforces policy rights of users as they roam from one subnet to another. The Access Controller 720wl tracks all network activity and provides a detailed history of all user network activity.

The HP ProCurve Access Control Server 740wl provides centralized security configuration and policy management for all users of the wireless network—as well as secure, uninterrupted sessions as users roam between access points and across subnets. Centralized policy management allows quick and efficient updating of user rights—consolidated into one location. The Access Control Server 740wl seamlessly integrates into a network infrastructure, leveraging existing authentication services to authorize user access. Maintaining constant communication with all HP ProCurve access controllers, the Access Control Server 740wl coordinates all user activity including updating network access rights based on the user’s policy rights, physical location, or time of day. Capable of managing thousands of users, the HP ProCurve Access Control Server 740wl easily adapts to the deployment of additional access controllers to expand wireless coverage as the need arises.

For smaller wireless LAN or branch office deployments, the HP ProCurve Integrated Access Manager 760wl
combines the enforcement of user policies, wireless data privacy, and roaming functionality of the Access Controller
720wl with the centralized security configuration and policy management functionality of the Access Control Server 740wl—in an all-in-one solution.

Features and benefits
•Wireless data privacy:
– Uses IPSec, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, or SSH tunnels to encrypt wireless traffic with DES, 3DES, Blowfish, CAST, or AES to provide the utmost in data privacy
– User authentication and appropriate access to network resources can be controlled at the edge of the network since all secure tunnels terminate within the HP ProCurve Access Controller 720wl or Integrated Access Manager 760wl

•Rights-based network access control and management:
– Blocks all user traffic until the user is authenticated
– Allows only traffic designated by a user’s access privileges
– Gives network administrators the flexibility to configure access rights based on user, group, time, and location

•Centralized management and browser-based UI:
– Provides quick and efficient updating to user rights—all consolidated into one location
– Shortens the administrator learning curve with secureand intuitive user interface

– Grows cost-effectively as the wireless LAN expands
– Access Controller 720wl and Integrated Access Manager 760wl include three additional slots for expanding capabilities as network needs grow or change
– Includes 4 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports with expansion capability of up to 12 ports

•Hardware encryption acceleration (optional): increases data throughput by offloading DES and 3DES encryption
processing on either the HP ProCurve Access Controller 720wl or Integrated Access Manager 760wl platforms
– Enhances overall encryption performance during peak user activity

•Roaming across subnets: ensures that users maintain persistent connectivity to the network and applications

•No client configuration: lowers operating costs and saves time by eliminating the need to change network settings or install client software

•Standards-based authentication support for LDAP, Active Directory, 802.1X, RADIUS, Kerberos, and Windows®
2000/NT® domain: seamlessly integrates into existing authentication servers or uses the built-in database


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