GarrettCom 10Mb TF14 and TB14
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GarrettCom 10Mb TF14 and TB14 Media Converters


Family of fiber models provides media (multi-mode and single-mode; transparent half-duplex and full-duplex) flexibility in installation and operations.

Install easily - simply attach cable segments to appropriate connectors on converter. An up-link switch on the RJ-45 port is included

TB14 BNC model provides an internal BNC termination switch, and operates with collision detection and indication

Provide diagnostic and network status information at a glance through a full set of LEDs

Rack-mount tray option (MC14-TRAY) available

Ordering Information

Magnum TF14-d,i Twisted pair to Fiber multi-mode ST-type Media Converter

Magnum TF14s-d,i Twisted pair to Fiber single-mode ST-type Media Converter

Magnum TF14-LP-d,i Twisted pair to Fiber multi-mode ST-type Media Converter with Link Pass-through option

Magnum TB14-d,i Twisted pair to BNC ThinNet Media Converter

Use d with the model number to specify external power supply at 115vac 60Hz, use I to indicate 230vac 50Hz.

MC14-TRAY Rack-mount tray, holds up to 16 units of the TF14 and TB14 models, and the 100Mb 14E series

Magnum Media Converters mix and match

MC14-TR+PS9 Rack-mount tray, supports up to 10 units of the 100Mb 14E, and the 10Mb 14-series Magnum Media Converters, mix and match. Includes the power supply unit and connectors to power up to 10 Media Converters at 9vdc as required. Auto-ranging AC input to the power supply.


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