Canoga Perkins UCS 1001
Universal Chassis System

Canoga Perkins UCS 1001
Universal Chassis System UCS1001

The UCS 1001 is a general-purpose 1U, two slot chassis.  Flexible and scalable, the UCS 1001accommodates the entire Canoga Perkins? Universal Chassis System product line, including Optical Transponders and Repeaters, WDM, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, T1/E1 and T3/E3 Modems. 

It is ideal for customer premises installation, enterprise networks and military installations.  The UCS 1001 is an ideal solution when a combination of T1/E1 and T3/E3 modems, WDM, and/or Ethernet products are required. Other primary applications include Last Mile Service Providers, Secure Datacom requirements, and Dark Fiber Connectivity (leased/owned fiber). 

The UCS 1001 complements the UCS 1000 5U chassis for installations where only one or two modules are required, thus offering a lower cost and smaller footprint utilizing less rack space. Additionally, this chassis accommodates fully redundant T1/E1 modems and T3/E3 modems.  Redundant power is also an option.

Hot Swappability -- All modules inserted in the two slots are hot swappable for easy replacement and will not interrupt the operation of the other module. This provides immediate recovery time.

Redundancy -- The UCS 1001 chassis backplane provides communication between the two modules. In cases of full redundancy, the troubled module is able to be replaced without the interruption of operation of the sister module. The backup or redundant link or module will be monitored for operational status by the active module.  The enclosure is for tabletop or rack mounting. 19" rack mount brackets are included, and optional 23" mounting brackets are available.

Canoga Perkins UCS 1001 Universal Chassis System60UCS1001v B

Modular Carrier-Class Chassis System
Fault Tolerant and Redundant
Cost Effective - Low Entry Price
Modularity for Flexibility and Reduced Cost of Ownership
Redundant Power Supplies
Input and Output Alarms
Hot Swappable Modules



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