Canoga Perkins UCS 1000-MIL
Universal Chassis System

Canoga Perkins UCS 1000-MIL
Universal Chassis System UCS1000-MIL

The EdgeAccess? Universal Chassis System 1000 is a platform accommodating a mix of fiber optic Modems, Multiplexers, LAN Extension Devices, Wave Division Multiplexers and Media Converters. The UCS1000 extends multiple services on fiber optic cable up to 1Gbps cost effectively from a common managed platform. Multiple low-speed and/or high-speed circuits can be run in parallel over a single fiber pair utilizing integrated WDM technology. Hot swappable modules provide a variety of interface options and flexibility of services to be deployed for maximum flexibility of communications and C3 assets for mission critical applications.

The UCS Model 1000 Chassis provides facility and management functions for the Canoga Perkins new generation of rackmount product lines. The chassis has 15 slots for technology modules accommodating up to 30 hot-swappable modules, single or redundant power supplies, and four levels of management. Canoga Perkins? SideBand Management Channel is a on-fiber, out of band management path to the remote module, allowing full management of the remote module without disrupting user traffic. The UCS 1000 Domain Management Module links op to 8 chassis together, resulting in a fully managed domain of up to 480 local and remote modules by that single management module. Built to, and compliant with rigid telephone company NEBS Level 3* requirements, the Universal Chassis has the robustness to insure high availability of mission critical applications.

Canoga Perkins UCS 1000-MIL Universal Chassis System60UCS1000

Fully Modular Chassis System built Telco Tough
Fault Tolerant and Redundant
Cost Effective, Low Entry Price
Extensive Modularity for Flexibility and Ease of Maintenance
Up to 30 Hot Swappable Modules of Mixed Technologies in a Single Chassis with One IP Address and Manager
Dual AC, Dual DC, or AC/DC Power Supply Combinations
Adjustable Rack Mounting Options with 3 Positions
SNMP and Menu Driven Management Interfaces
Full Configuration and Diagnostic Management Control
Built to demanding NEBS Level 3 Specifications



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