Canoga Perkins 2461 E1 Fiber G.703 Extender Modems
Fiber Optic Modem

Canoga Perkins 2461 E1 Fiber G.703 Extender Modems
Fiber Optic Modem


Canoga Perkins 2461 E1 Fiber G.703 Extender Modems

Canoga Perkins 2461 EdgeAccess® is a G.703 compliant E1 fiber optic modem. It is a microprocessor-based modem that supports the standard speed of 2.048Mbps, providing a transparent fiber optic link extension for AMI and HDB3 bipolar line codes.

The Canoga 2461 is modular in design for flexibility and serviceability. It is composed of three modules: Main module, Electrical Line Interface Module (ELIM), and Optical Line Interface Module (OLIM).

It is available as a standalone unit, or as a rackmount card for installation in a Canoga Perkins EdgeAccess Model 1000 Universal Chassis System (UCS) or Model 1001 Chassis Enclosure. Full configuration and management are accomplished via a local terminal, or remotely with side band management.

Using the UCS Domain Manager, menu driven, user-friendly screens provide end to end configuration, status and control of the link. Remote access is available through an external modem connected to the terminal port or via SNMP.

Redundancy options provide backup for critical circuits. For more critical circuits, the entire modem hardware, each with its own fiber path, can be made redundant. In each option, failure in the primary will cause an automatic switchover. 


Canoga Perkins 2461 e1 Fiber Optic Modem

Optically Extends E1 up to 100km
ITU G.703, G.824 Compliant
850nm Multimode, 1310nm/1550nm Single Mode Optics
Transparent to AMI and B8ZS Line Codes; Passes Bipolar Violations
Hot-swappable Main Module, ELIMs, and OLIMs
Standalone and Rackmount Options
Local and Remote Loopbacks
Redundancy Options
End-to-End Side Band Management
Management Support for Local and Remote Terminal, SLIP, PPP,
and SNMP
Diagnostic LEDs
Continuous Sideband Channel BERT
Dry Contact Alarms Fiber Optic tension Leader

The standalone version comes in a compact enclosure for desktop, shelf, rack, or wall mount installations. It has a built-in AC or DC
power supply and utilizes the same ELIMs and OLIMs as the rackmount version.

For applications that require many co-located modems, the EdgeAccess Universal Chassis System provides modem capacities
of up to 15 rackmount modems. Please refer to the EdgeAccess UCS product line data sheet for a more complete description of the available features.

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