Adtran T3SU 300 Modules

Adtran T3SU 300 Modules

The ADTRANŽ T3SU 300 is a T3 DSU/CSU capable of providing users up to four DTE data ports. This multiport DSU/CSU provides access to non-channelized T3 services and allows users to share the cost of a T3 line between multiple applications. The new, affordable T3SU 300 is the first in a series of broadband access products from ADTRAN.

T3SU/OSU 300 HSSI Module  1200218L1
T3SU/OSU 300 V.35 Module  1200219L1
T3SU/OSU 300 Quad DSX-1  1200284L1
T3SU 300 Ethernet Bridge Module  1200655L1


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