Adtran IQ Accessories

Adtran IQ Accessories

ESU & IQ Probe V.35 Adapter Cable Male to Male 1200281L1
ESU and IQ Probe X.21/V.11 Adapter Cable 1200282L1
IQ PRI DBU Rear Interface Module 1200292L1

The IQ Series from ADTRAN provides intelligent Frame Relay traffic management so users can make the most of existing bandwidth. This series includes features ranging from performance monitoring and traffic shaping to standard Frame Relay circuit management and troubleshooting. This series includes the iq 310, an intelligent, managed Frame Relay DSU/CSU that provides visibility and control while allowing users to enjoy the monetary savings of Frame Relay networks.

These products provide modular network interface options for 56/64K, T1 / FT1, and T1 / FT1 with DSX-1 voice capability. N-Formant, an embedded web-based Java applet, provides a graphical configuration interface and real time statistics ranging from network and PVC frame throughput to response and utilization.

Then with N-Form, ADTRAN’s comprehensive web-based network management system, SLA verification, historical data, and trend analysis are readily available.

Adtran IQ710 Data Sheet


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