All standard stock products are backed by Data Connect's reliability guarantee. Any DOA unit will be exchanged from Data Connect's stock for an immediate brand new replacement unit regardless of the manufacturer's DOA policy. In addition, if the item ordered does not completely satisfy your requirement, simply notify us within 15 days of purchase and we will swap out the unit for the correct product.


Most Data Connect products come with 1-, 2-, or 5-year as well as lifetime warranties. Please ask about our extended warranty options. 


 No Sales are final.

All shortages, errors or problems with orders must be reported within 15 days of shipment. DATA CONNECT will not be liable for any shortages, errors or problems not reported within 15 days of shipment. 

All returns will include a minimum of a 30% restocking fee, unless the returned item is a standard stock item (not a special order item), is returned within 15 days of original shipment, and is accompanied by an offsetting order totaling at least the dollar value of the returned items. 

All returns require the issuance of a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number by an authorized agent of the Data CONNECT RETURN AUTHORIZATION DEPARTMENT. 

All credits issued are store credits only, there are absolutely no refunds. All credits issued expire 90 days after the date of issuance if not used for a specifically identified purchase within the 90-day period. 

All store credits must be presented to DATA CONNECT for specific use at the time of purchase and must include the original credit invoice to be used. 

Since NO SALES ARE FINAL, you can return any item that you have purchased from DATA CONNECT. Returns of items after 15 days from the date of shipment should, but may not necessarily, result in a credit. The determination of the restocking fee to be applied  will be made by the DATA CONNECT RMA Department based upon the age of the unit, its condition, the unit?s state of obsolescence, product demand, existing stocking conditions of the item, and other criteria.