Verso / Verilink 8100 IAD

Verso / Verilink’s 8100 Series IAD is ideal for service providers looking to offer small- to medium-sized businesses a high-quality voice and data service over asymmetric digital subscriber lines (ADSL). With four or eights POTS ports and a full range of integrated features, the 8100 series offers toll-quality voice and high-speed Internet access over a single copper pair—all in one box. The 8100 series IAD is designed for international markets as well as the North American market. Country-specific line impedance and ring frequency settings are user selectable, providing for optimized configuration and operation.

The 8100 Series consists of access products provided in two versions: a base version supporting VoATM only and an “s” version that supports VoATM/VoIP in one device. Both the base and “s” versions are available in models equipped with four or eight POTS ports and an Ethernet interface capable of dynamic and static IP routing and bridging. In addition to support for Emulated Loop Control Protocol (ELCP), the 8100 Series provides the industry’s broadest interoperability with DSLAMs and voice gateways.



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