Verso / Verilink 7300 IAD
7300 VoATM SDSL 16 - 24 POTS Ports 10/100 Base-T Ethernet

7300 Series IAD

The 7300 Series is the ideal solution for adding more connectivity. Catering to small and medium-sized enterprises, the 7300 series helps businesses benefit from economies of scale. By delivering a carrier-class unit with toll-quality voice and high-speed data connections over a single Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL), service providers can provide full advantage of 16 or 24 derived voice lines, all at an affordable price. The 7300 series delivers robust features such as routing, bridging, NAT, and DHCP all in one unit. This allows service providers to provide peak performance at an affordable price. What's more, the Universal Serial Interface (USI) delivers connectivity with most industry-leading routers making frame networking a snap. Security is ensured with a built-in firewall that protects the network from would-be intruders.


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