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V.3600 Modem

Old Motorola V.3600 Modem
RM16M UDS V.3600 Card

V.34 33.6 kbps Data Fax Modem 2 wire dial and 2/4 wire lease line 

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TEL-6209548100010, 6209548100010, TEL-6209548200010, 6209548200010 , TEL-6209548200020, 6209548200020

V.3600 AC and DC power Modem

Connect synchronous , asynchronous, leased line and dial networks with higher speeds, at a lower price. Proven Motorola quality and reliability for mission critical enterprise network applications, make this the ideal modem for meeting the disaster recovery requirements of today's public frame relay services. The new V.3600 is robust enough to maintain high performance connectivity over a wide range of varying line conditions.

Full range of synchronous and asynchronous, leased line with dial backup or dial up support Flash memory results in easy upgrades for future enhancements ITU Group III fax compatible DC power available Remote unattended modem option settings can be changed over the phone line Password security denies access to unauthorized users Auto-mode ensures connection at the highest common rate Automatic Rate Adaptation (ARA) adjusts data to conform to various line conditions Multiple levels of security including password, password with callback, user-programmed Capacity 50 passwords/50 phone numbers Dial backup with automatic return to leased line operation Integrated V.25 bis combines modem and auto-call Asynchronous Error correction/ Data compression conforms to ITU standard V.42bis Hayes AT command set compatible 2 and 4-wire leased line operation Storage for nine phone numbers Autodial, Auto-answer Call progress indication Software volume control RM16 Rack-mountable

Ordering #'s:

TEL-48457 *OEM VERSION ONLY*, 110/120 VAC Standalone

TEL-48458 *OEM VERSION ONLY*, RM16M Nest Card Versionl

TEL-48459 Standalone To Nest Card Conversion Kit

TEL-48460 *OEM VERSION ONLY*, 10-53 VDC Standalone low voltage DC version NOW AVAILABLE - NEW PRODUCT!

TEL-48481 220/240 VAC UI Standalone Euro Plug. Universal International (UI).

TEL-48482 220/240 VAC UI Standalone UK Plug. Universal International (UI).

TEL-48483 220/240 VAC UI Standalone Australia Plug. Universal International (UI).


TEL-48485 ***REPLACED BY TEL-6209548200010****** VAC UI Standalone NEMA Plug. Universal International (UI).

TEL-48486 220/240 VAC Standalone-Malaysia

TEL-48487 **SPECIAL ORDER** 220/240 VAC Standalone India

TEL-48491 ***REPLACED BY TEL-6209548100010****** RM16M nest card modem

TEL-48492 **SPECIAL ORDER** RM16M nest card modem-Malaysia

TEL-48493 **SPECIAL ORDER** RM16M nest card modem-India

TEL-6209548100010 RM16M nest card modem-Universal Model - Domestic and International

TEL-6209548200010 110/120 VAC Standalone-Universal Model - Domestic and International

TEL-6209548200020 10-53 VDC Standalone low voltage DC version

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6209548200010 V.3600 S/A, 115V
6209558100010 RM16 V.3600 nest Card
48459 V.3600 S/A to nest card conversion kit
6209558200020 V.3600 S/A dc/dc
6209558200030 V.3600 S/A, ?12/+5 VDC

V.3600 manual PDF files