UDS DDS/MR56 / Motorola DDS/MR56
Motorola UDS DDS/MR56


Motorola DDS/MR56 Modem

Designed for use on the Digital Data Service (DDS) network, the
Motorola DDS/MR56 combines the functions of a DSU and CSU into a
single unit. It operates in either point-to-point or multipoint
applications, transmitting synchronous data at rates of 1.2 to 56
Kbps, and asynchronous data from 1.2 to 57.6 Kbps. In addition to DDS
network operation, the DDS/MR56 can operate as a limited distance
modem. As a limited distance modem, the DDS/MR56 provides serial,
full-duplex transmission at the rates listed, as well as synchonous 64
Kbps over private 4-wire winloaded twisted-pair cable systems.

EIA-232 and CCITT V.35 interfaces

ISO-2593 compatible

Front panel LCD control

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