Telenetics MIU28.8 Telenetics MIU28.8 LV

Telenetics MIU Telenetics MIU28.8 Telenetics MIU28.8 LV Modem Interface Units AC/DC POWERED

Telenetics MIU28.8  Telenetics MIU28.8 LV


Telenetics MIU Industrial Grade Modems

To service the growing need for efficient, reliable data communications in the harsh environments of utility substations and industrial facilities, has developed the Telenetics MIU family of Industrial grade modem products that can operate from various AC/DC power supplies and survive high surge levels and extreme heat and cold. All this without compromising the performance expected from state-of-the-art communications devices. 

These modems are individually suited for dial up and leased line applications. Unless otherwise specified, standard voltage is 48 to 220 VAC or DC. For low voltage option (9-36VDC) add "-LV" to Model number.

Telenetics MIU28.8               V.34 28.8 Kbps Dial Up Modem
Telenetics MIU28.8 LV         V.34 28.8 Kbps Dial Up Modem Low Voltage (9-36VDC)

Industrial Grade Modems

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