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ITU Series Modem

Advanced Network Modem Series 
For TDM base network system, Tainet provides Super Shelf as well as various Analogue and Digital modems. With well-proven TDM technology, Tainet provide wide range of modems by adopting new transmission protocols suitable for changing environments. Various types of interface have also ensured different applications from the end user.


Tainet Super Shelf provides ideal central office solution to accommodate different modems with fundamental management & supervision services. Tainet ITU Series Modem including T-288 and T-336, both have rack mounted module for Super Shelf accommodation. 




Advanced Network Modem Series




For the high speed digital network leased line modem, Tainet adopted various of technology (TDM as well as ATM). From IDSL (DT-128, J2560), HDSL to ADSL and G.SHDSL (S1400 and S1510SDATA) has been successfully integrated with Super Shelf or Mercury series on Central Office site. It is highly flexible and ideal for either P-T-P (Point to Point) or Concentration / Multiplexing access network applications. Scorpio IP DSLAM is cost-effective compact DSLAM solution and suitable for low density ADSL / G.SHDSL services.

TAINET Venus Series


Voice over IP Gateway



Venus 2804

Venus 2808


Tainet 2804


Tainet 2808


Tainet 2832

Venus 2832 series



TAINET Venus series, a critical part of Next Generation Network (NGN), functions as an interface gateway unit between legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and IP packet network by converting analog voice traffic into/from the IP-based media stream.
The Venus series is a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Gateway that provides cost-effective and quality voice service over global IP packet networks (Internet or Intranets) for end-users, and, in the meanwhile, saves installation and maintenance efforts. With analog voice interface connecting to user's existing telephone handsets or PABX, and Ethernet interface connecting to service providers' IP network, the Venus series bridges the PSTN and the IP networks.
Depending on installed firmware, the Venus series supports both Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), which complies with IETF RFC 3261 and RFC 3435 respectively.
Venus Gateway allows traditional PSTN users to make phone calls over the Internet without changing their telephone operating procedure. Using a Proxy Server or SoftSwitch together with the Venus, service providers or telecom companies are able to provision integrated voice and data service over the IP network to their customers. Features like billing, accounting and network management supported by SoftSwitch are available as well.

Supporting MGCP protocol, IETF RFC 2705 MGCP V0.1 and V1.0 standards compliant

Supporting SIP protocol, IETF RFC 3261, 3262 and 3264 standards compliant

Modularized analog FXS or FXO telephony cards with 8, 16, 24, or 32 telephone interfaces for various customers

Each telephone interface can drive at least three telephone handsets through up to 3000 meters (10K feet) of 24 AWG copper wires

Supporting voice compression with ITU-T standard compatible

Providing PSTN life-line feature as backup

Supporting PPPoE function (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet), NAT/NAPT function, port-based VLAN, VLAN ID and priority tagging, and QoS function including IEEE 802.1p and IEEE 802.1Q

Supporting RFC 2833 RTP payload for DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones and Telephony Signals

Supporting TFTP protocol for remote software upgrade and configuration file download





Fiber Optical Multiplexer



MUXpro 700 is the best optical fiber multiplexer on the market for aggregating up to 4E1/T1 + 4FE or 3E1/T1 + universal data port + 4FE lines into a single fiber optic link. With advanced features such as on-board SNMP management, optical link automatic 1+1 protection and full diagnostic functions, the MUXpro 700 provides an optimal platform for concentrating and extending T1/E1/Data/Ethernet lines over a fiber optic link. This platform, designed with modern FPGA technology, offers exceptional reliability, low power consumption and unprecedented flexibility.

The T1/E1/Data/Ethernet interfaces conform to ITU standards in all aspects, making the MUXpro 700 compatible with all existing T1/E1/Data/Ethernet environments. Its tributary interface can also be configured by software either with all four E1 links or three E1 and one universal data links to accommodate unpredictable circumstances in field application. On-board four Fast Ethernet links provide real-time data transmission over an optical link. It also offers various optical interfaces and modules to satisfy varying distance requirements while providing automatic protection switching for optical link redundancy. The cost-efficient single fiber solution (WDM) is applicable.

Managing the MUXpro 700 can be conducted easily through either universal NMS via SNMP agent or craft port with a general VT-100 or emulation terminal. The full LED display feature enables carriers to monitor the entire status, the optical interface alarm status and all other working conditions with clarity.


Compact Standalone Design.

Fiber Mux for 8M transmission plus 4 Fast Ethernet transmission.

1+1 Fiber optical protection.

On-board SNMP agent is enable with UNMS control.

On-board Four Fast Ethernet Transmission.

Flexible E1/T1/V.35 Configuration.

WDM solution is available.

Clearly Status indicators on front panel.

Diagnostic Loop back function.

High Density FLU card could accommodate up to 14 FOM in Scorpio 1000.