SYNXCOM SCM819 Digital Cellular Data Modems
fIndustrial & Utility Communications

  • Supports CDMA/1xRTT, GSM/GPRS, and iDEN digital cellular networks
  • Build-in TCP/IP/PPP protocol stacks to support circuit data and packet data modes
  • Optional PSTN interface to support devices with internal analog modem
  • Supports asynchronous RS-232, RS-485, or external PSTN/modem interface
  • Internal modem compatible with V.22/V,22bis, Bell 212A, and Bell 202T standards
  • Build-in self test and remote diagnostics features for configuration and monitoring

The Synxcom Cellular modem SCM819 is designed and manufactured for reliable industrial communications including automatic meter reading
(AMR), SCADA , remote telemetry, and traffic monitoring applications. The SCM819 delivers a cost-effective wireless data connectivity for speeds from 1200 to 19200 bps asynchronous solution over existing CDMA, GSM and iDEN digital cellular infrastructure.

The SCM819 cellular modem is designed with an optional build-in Wireless Local Loop (WLL) interface for connecting remote meters, RTU, and SCADA controllers equipped with an internal analog modem. The SCM819 is ideal for the replacement of legacy analog cellular modems over AMPS cellular networks, or as a quick connectivity solution for wireless data modems connecting to central host computer.

The SCM819 modem is implemented with a microcontroller with customized TCP/IP/PPP protocols on-board to support both Circuit Switched
Data (CSD) mode and Packet Switch Data (PSD) mode. When in PSD mode, the modem is capable of supporting Dynamic IP (simple IP) and Static IP (Mobile IP) modes.