Skystream Edge Media Routers

Edge Media Router

The Edge Media Router (EMR) series of satellite receivers and routers are versatile and powerful networking platforms that receive and manage content at the network edge for small office/home office (SOHO), enterprise, government agency and service provider deployments. The EMR series provides a complete satellite Internet solution.

The Micro-EMR-1600 is a compact satellite receiver and media router for cost-effective satellite connectivity to the SOHO environment.

he EMR 5520S and 5540S offer service providers a powerful platform to deliver mission-critical real-time information to users over broadcast and broadband networks for applications including distance-learning; real-time data dissemination; remote site IP video distribution; Internet over Satellite services; broadcast content, file and data distribution and global IP network connectivity.

Residing at the edge of the data delivery network, the EMR series can extract or pass through encrypted IP content from incoming DVB MPEG-2 transport streams. It decrypts and routes content to edge networks for delivery over 10/100 Fast Ethernet connections.

The Micro-EMR-1600

The EMR 5520S and 5540S

Key Features

EMR 5520S and 5540S are US Military specification rated (MIL Spec)
Entire EMR series ideal for managed enterprise services, including training, e-learning, and corporate communications with managed data and quality video distribution

Micro-EMR-1600 features a compact footprint for SOHO environments and policy-based routing, unicast and multicast traffic routing, 10 Mbps throughput and optimization for 16-concurrent LAN-connected users. Designed for non-equipment/non-computer room operation

High Speed IP conditional access decryption decrypt and route a full transponder of AES scrambled IP services
Advanced data-handling and broad routing support

E-Manager suite simplifies management of large-scale deployments

Dual tuner support (EMR 5540S). Tune and demodulate two full transponders simultaneously

Full transponder support. Tune and demodulate full transponder bandwidth

Highest small-data packet processing throughput  ? 64 byte packets for streaming media applications

Embedded Linux operating system

Multicast to unicast conversion


Micro-EMR-1600 offers a variety of back-channels, including modem, external ISDN and auto-sensing 10/100 Ethernet
Satellite receiver RF Tuner available in single and dual tuner models

Scalable from basic receiver to sophisticated data handling capabilities

Modular hardware and software upgrades, with software upgrades accomplished via flash memory

Optional features include ISDN modules, analog modem and synchronous port (RS-422)

Bundled network management software