DCE Returns
Returns for Credit (RFC)

Any equipment returned for credit must be the exact model and serial numbers identified on an approved company return for credit (RFC) authorization form. The equipment returned must be in the same condition and completeness as originally sold (i.e. factory sealed, cables, manuals, boxes, packing, adapters etc.). Return for credit items must be standard stock items and must be returned within 30-days of the original purchase date. We cannot accept back for credit any special order or non-stock items unless our vendor will take them back. All returns for credit must include an RFC number and will be assessed, at a minimum, a 30% restocking fee, unless returned within 30-days of the original purchase date and offset in advance by a larger or equal offsetting order. Any equipment returned incomplete or in non-original condition may be rejected by DCE or subject to additional return charges as DCE determines appropriate. The customer will be responsible for all originally invoiced charges on rejected items. Any rejected items will be returned freight collect and if refused will be discarded. Any return charges will be invoiced and will be due within 15 days. There are no refunds, all credits are store credits and expire after 90-days

. Returns for Repair (RFR)

Any equipment returned for repair must be the exact model and serial numbers identified on an approved company return for repair (RFR) authorization form. If the items returned are standard stock items that are DOA, and are returned within 30-days of the initial purchase date, we will endeavor to provide an immediate new replacement. We cannot provide replacements for special order items, non-stock items, are constrained items. We cannot provide repairs or replacements on accounts that are delinquent. If the items are returned and the damages incurred are covered by a warranty, your equipment will be repaired, or replaced with comparable condition equipment, at no charge. If the returned items are not covered under warranty repair we will advise you of the reparability of the items and quote a repair charge. If there are repair charges we will require a purchase order that authorizes payment for the repair and return freight charges before repairing and returning your equipment. We will return ship any non-warranty items freight collect, or on your account, plus assess a $50 per unit inspection fee, if you elect not to have the items repaired.