Quick Eagle DL3100 T3 Access Multiplexer

The DL3100 T3 Access Multiplexer allows you to connect up to two high-speed data terminal equipment (DTE) devices to a public or private T3 network. The compact, full-featured DL3100 can be rack-mounted or surface-mounted, and is ideally suited for both hub and remote site network installations. The DL3100 is a versatile, digital service multiplexer that connects high-speed bridges, routers, front-end processors and other data terminal equipment to a T3 network. The DL3100 provides up to two HSSI data interfaces to the DTE. User-programmable bandwidth allocation allows you to configure the DL3100 for data rates from 300 kbps to 44.2 Mbps.

Main Features:

Typical Application ? DL3100T Access Multiplexer


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