Quick Eagle 5850 Multilink Frame Relay

The Quick Eagle 5850
is a high-speed access device for connecting LAN equipment to Frame Relay networks. The NxT1/E1 ports are bonded together using Multilink Frame Relay, enabling you to multiply your bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of deploying a T3/E3 link.

By using FRF.16-compliant protocol, the 5850 can not only support up to 12 Mbps (8 T1s or 6 E1s) of bandwidth, point-to-point, to another FRF.16-compliant CPE device, it can also interopeates, point-to-multipoint, with the new generation of Multilink Frame Relay switches at the Central Office (CO) end of the network, removing the need for a separate CO access device.

The 5850 load balances traffic across all T1/E1 ports and, if one link fails, traffic is still carried on the other links, providing a redundant configuration.

The 5850 Multilink Frame Relay access platform comes as standard with a full range of network monitoring features - RMON-1 and RMON-2 to enable monitoring up to the applications layer, and optional FRF.13-compliant Frame Relay SLA verification to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for from your service provider.

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