Quick Eagle 5844 Multiport Router

Quick Eagle’s 5844 Multiport Router is ideal for medium-sized businesses and enterprise branch offices that need routers that require high performance and high port density at lower cost. The 5844 Multiport Router comes with four T1/E1 WAN ports enabled.

The 5844 Multiport Router delivers all the functions you need in a branch office router: The ability to configure static routes, and one or more dynamic routing protocols like RIP1, RIP2, OSPF, and optional BGP-4, enables the router to link enterprise networks with advanced IP routing services, such as multipaths and path redundancy.

Static NAT, dynamic NAT, and overloading (NAPT) allows you access the Internet using your private IP addresses. A stateful inspection firewall permits or denies access based on source and destination IP addresses. The embedded network performance monitoring features enable protocols and applications monitoring (RMON-1, RMON-2) and Frame Relay Service Level Verification.

Multilink PPP (RFC1990) and Multilink Frame Relay (FRF.16.1) protocols provide the 5844 Multiport Router with the capability to bond multiple T1/E1s into a single high-speed virtual link or enable load-balancing applications. The 5844 Multiport Router can also be deployed as a MAC Learning Bridge (IEEE 802.1d) over Frame Relay or PPP.

With its optional standard-based DiffServ QoS (Differentiated Services/ Quality Of Service) capability the 5844 Multiport Router allows you to control and manage the bandwidth on your WAN connection, eliminating bottlenecks for your business-critical applications such as ERP and CRM. In addition, DiffServ QoS enables delay-sensitive voice and video-over-IP services, while dedicating enough bandwidth for lower priority traffic.

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