Quick Eagle 5842 Multiport Ethernet Bridge

The Quick Eagle 5842 Multiport Ethernet Bridge is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, and their branch offices, which need a MAC leaning bridge (IEE 802.1d) that can extend the office LAN over the WAN.

With its two-port density (and scalable up to four ports), the 5842 Multiport Ethernet Bridge delivers all the functions you need in this type of network application: the ability to have geographically dispersed groups work seamlessly together over a VLAN or private enterprise network. Along with IP, legacy LAN Layer-3 traffic such as SNA®, DecNet® and IPX can transparently pass through the 5842 Multiport Ethernet Bridge.

The embedded network performance monitoring features (RMON-1, and Ethernet port statistics) along with Frame Relay Service Level Verification (based on FRF.13) provide additional layers of diagnostic tools for both the WAN and LAN connections.

The 5842 Multiport Ethernet Bridge enables you to take advantage of the emerging virtual LAN services offered by a number of carriers and service providers that are migrating to an MPLS backbone, but use PPP or FR at the Provider Edge (PE).

Multilink PPP (RFC1990) or Multilink Frame Relay (FRF.16.1) protocols provide the 5842 Multiport Ethernet Bridge with the capability to bond multiple T1/E1s into a single high-speed virtual link to provide added bandwidth, up to 8 Mbps. This technique is perfectly suitable for transmitting broadcast quality real-time MPEG video streams in either a unicast (point-to-point) or multicast (point-to-multi-point) network.

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