Quick Eagle 4250 Multilink Frame Relay

The 4250 Multilink Frame Relay is a high-speed Frame aware access device connecting LAN equipment to Frame Relay networks. The 2xT1/E1 ports are bonded together using standard Multilink Frame Relay (FRF.16) which facilitates interoperability with Multilink Frame Relay switches from Frame switches manufacturers.

Traffic from one single DTE port is load balanced on both T1/E1 ports and if one link goes down traffic is still carried on the second link.

The unit is SNMP-manageable, offers menu-driven configuration, includes comprehensive diagnostics, and complies with industry and regulatory standards. A Troubleshooter feature includes LMI conditioning, link-based testing, and in-band management. Furthermore, the 4250 Multilink Frame Relay comes with a full set of network monitoring tools such as RMON-1, RMON-2, and Frame Relay SLA (FRF.13).

These tools simplify installation and troubleshooting, thereby reducing network downtime and remote technician costs.

Main Features:

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