Quick Eagle 4220 Access Multiplexer

The 4220 Access Multiplexer integrates data from two external routers and voice from PBX onto a fractional T1/E1 or full T1/E1 network connection. The 4220 Access Multiplexer therefore maximizes the usage of your T1/E1 network resource by integrating voice traffic from a PBX and Frame Relay traffic from one DTE port. The 4220 Access Multiplexer uses the auxiliary T1/E1 port as a drop-and-insert for connectivity to a digital PBX.

The unit is SNMP-manageable, offers menu-driven configuration, includes comprehensive diagnostics, and complies with industry and regulatory standards. A Troubleshooter feature includes LMI conditioning, link-based testing, and in-band management. These tools simplify installation and troubleshooting, thereby reducing network downtime and remote technician costs.

Main Features:

Optional Intelligence:

Typical Application ? DL3800T Inverse Multiplexer

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