Packeteer WAN Optimization Products

Packeteer® Inc., is the pioneer and global leader in WAN optimization. Packeteer solutions combine a family of scalable appliances with patented software capabilities to deliver unmatched visibility, control, acceleration, and management of application traffic across WAN and Internet links. These solutions help align network and application resources with the priorities of the business, optimizing performance and reducing operational costs in the process.

This flagship WAN optimization appliance includes cutting-edge technology with its monitoring, shaping, compression, and acceleration modules to benefit every business from small to enterprise scale.

Looking for WAN application performance at every location? PacketShaper delivers:

Packeteer Server

  • Layer 7 Plus Visibility
  • Network and Application Monitoring
  • QoS Control
  • Symmetric Compression
  • Acceleration
  • Centralized Management and Reporting

This Enterprise-level first-ever Unified Branch Office appliance offers unprecedented real-time WAN optimization, monitoring and shaping with Wide Area File Services (WAFS) and vital Microsoft Windows® branch services.

Ready to enable the next generation branch office with streamlined infrastructure and great performance? iShaper delivers it all:


  • Deep Visibility - Layer 7 Plus visibility and performance monitoring
  • Application QoS - provisioning policy and application availability
  • Intelligent Acceleration - protocol acceleration, data compression and caching
  • Microsoft services - Domain Controller, authentication, storage, networking and security

Available as fully-integrated Windows-based appliances or as Windows or Linux software, iShared is a WAFS solution to greatly improve file access performance for branch locations and consolidate servers with confidence.

Solve file access performance problems at branch locations and securely consolidate servers. iShared delivers:

Packeteer Server

  • Native, Integrated WAFS Solution
  • WAN Application Optimization
  • Single-instance WAFS Storage
  • File Differencing and Dictionary-based Compression
  • Centralized Data Protection and Remote Backup
  • Mobile Networking

With two editions (Basic and Enterprise), Packeteer’s Mobiliti software makes laptop and data center synchronization fast and reduces bandwidth usage by up to 90 percent with its built-in efficient file differencing and compression technology.

Mobiliti provides a comprehensive and automatic desktop backup and optimization solution for today's remote and mobile workers.

Packeteer Server

  • Fast, optimized access to network file servers
  • Protect local data without compromising mobile access
  • Offline cached access to network files
  • Easy laptop to data center synchronization
  • Centralized deployment
  • Certified for Windows Vista™

SkyX™ Accelerator
Bringing high performance to low-bandwidth branch/remote offices is made easy by Packeteer’s SkyX Accelerator appliances.

Increase throughput on high-latency links—terrestrial or satellite. SkyX Accelerator delivers:

Packeteer Server

  • TCP Protocol Optimization
  • Latency Impact Elimination
  • File Transfer Acceleration
  • Transaction Acceleration
  • XML and HTTP Acceleration
  • WAN Application Performance Optimization
  • Packet Loss and Retransmission Reduction