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Multi-Tech MultiVOIP Gatekeeper H.323 IP Telephony Gatekeeper VOIP

Reliable call control services for registered H.323 endpoints
Standards based interoperability

Robust bandwidth management for superior QoS

Call Control and System Management for Voice over IP Networks

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Multi-Tech MultiVOIP Gateway Solutions

The MultiVOIP Gatekeeper is a complementary product to the MultiVOIP Voice over IP gateway. The turnkey hardware and software solution provides network managers and Intranet managers the power to define and control how H.323 voice traffic is managed over IP networks. With the MultiVOIP Gatekeeper, network managers have the ability to configure, monitor and manage the activity of registered network endpoints. In addition, managers can set policies and control network resources, such as bandwidth usage, to ensure optimal implementation.

Critical Control, Administration and Management Functions.  The MultiVOIP Gatekeeper is the industry-standard mechanism for call control and routing, basic telephony services, H.323 bandwidth usage control, total network usage control, and overall system administration and security policies. The MultiVOIP Gatekeeper provides Intranet managers with seamless interoperability between PBX dial plans and IP-based terminals. It provides network managers with rapid, easy-to-use interfaces to modify or update zone configurations when an individual on the network needs additional services. And, it provides call centers with the ability to perform needs-based call routing and a variety of other automatic call distribution features.

Easy to Use.  The MultiVOIP Gatekeeper manages a ?zone? which is a collection of MultiVOIP gateways, or other H.323 devices. Within each zone, the MultiVOIP Gatekeeper supports up to 1000 concurrent calls and 5,000 registered endpoints and ships with a 50 concurrent call license. Multiple gatekeepers can be configured to support several zones. It utilizes an intuitive graphical user interface and online help to provide a simple way to interact with the gatekeeper. End-users can communicate using aliases (phone numbers) eliminating the need to remember complicated network addresses. Simple prefixes are used to access gatekeeper services such as call forward and out-of-zone dialing.

Easy to Control.  With the MultiVOIP Gatekeeper, the following parameters can be defined by the network manager: Network parameters ? maximum number of calls or registrations; maximum total bandwidth; upper bandwidth used per call; frequency of sending information request (IRR) ?keep alive? messages Gatekeeper parameters ? gatekeeper registration policies; routing options; alias resolution policies; endpoint permissions Gatekeeper services ? built-in services such as call forward, zones and exit zone; customer services Endpoint properties ? registration IP address; aliases; allowed services for gateway endpoints

Bandwidth Management.  With the MultiVOIP Gatekeeper, the network administrator can specify bandwidth limitations within the gatekeeper?s zone and can specify a bandwidth limit for gateway endpoints. For example, a gatekeeper may determine there is no bandwidth available for a call or no additional bandwidth available for an ongoing call requesting an increase. This provides an easy and effective means of controlling traffic volume.

Address Translation.  The MultiVOIP Gatekeeper supports aliases (e.g. phone numbers) for each endpoint registered within the zone. Users call each other within a zone by simply dialing a number or string of characters instead of dialing a complex IP address. This function is particularly important in scenarios where a phone on the circuit-switched network is attempting to call a phone connected to a gateway on an IP network.

Zone Management.  The network administrator has complete flexibility in defining zones of H.323 endpoints that are under the administrative control of the gatekeeper. For example, zones can be defined according to geographic locations (such as different branch locations) or in accordance with the overlap of a physical network connection (such as a subnet on the floor of a building or a range of IP addresses), or by a functional (organizational) paradigm. Only those end points in the defined zone can register with the gatekeeper and take advantage of its call control services.

Locate and Route Calls to Other Gatekeepers.  A list of gatekeepers from other zones, called ?neighbor gatekeepers?, can be created. This list is used to locate and route calls that are made to endpoints not in the gatekeeper?s zone to one of its neighbors? zones. This is efficient for optimizing and controlling inter-zone communications.

Network Topology Islands.  The MultiVOIP Gatekeeper?s neighbor gatekeeper database also contains information about network topology. Network managers can divide the network into components and use this topology island information for efficient routing within each subnet. This is valuable for establishing least-cost routing plans and for optimally directing traffic by load balancing across gateways.

Voice over IP Gateways.  The MultiVOIP Gatekeeper is a complementary product to the MultiVOIP Voice over IP gateway. The MultiVOIP gateway provides predictable, real-time, toll-quality voice and fax communication over your existing IP data network or the Internet. This turnkey solution is ideal for companies that want to save money on long distance, interoffice voice and fax communications. MultiVOIP supports the standards-based protocol, H.323, for sending voice over the Internet and G.723/G.729 and other standard voice compression algorithms for voice quality that rivals the PSTN. The MultiVOIP family is available in one, two, four and eight port models, or with a T1/E1 interface.

Multi-Tech Solutions.  Success is about communication. Multi-Tech is about making it easier. We create better ways of sharing information ? remotely and over the Internet. Multi-Tech solutions set the standard for efficient and effective communication in an information-hungry age. Our products are known for their reliability, performance and flexibility. With Internet access, remote access and telephony products, Multi-Tech is creating a world where technically, everything?s possible.

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Comprehensive Service and Support.  The Multi-Tech commitment to service means we provide a two-year product warranty and service that includes free telephone technical support, 24-hour web site and ftp support.

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