Motorola / UDS V.3400 / V3400
  V3400 V 3400 modem

v3400V.34 28.8 Kbps Dial/Leased
28.8K bps Sync; Up to 115K Async w/V.42bis Data rates: 28.8K (ITU V.34), 14.4K (ITU V.32bis), 9600 (V.32), 7200, 4800, 2400 (V.22bis), 1200 (212), 300 (103) bps LCD front panel for local and remote configuration Preset option configuration simplifies set-up Multiple levels of password and callback security 2 wire dial and 2/4 wire leased line Fully ITU Group III fax compatible FaxTalk Plus fax software included DC and 230 VAC available

To Order 

These modems are now out of production 
but we have a large stock of these units in new and used.

6209540000010 UDS Motorola V.3400 / V3400 S/A, 115V
6209540400010 UDS Motorola RM16 V.3400 / V3400 nest Card
6500301900800 UDS Motorola V.3400 / V3400 S/A to nest card
6209540000058 UDS Motorola V.3400 / V3400 S/A dc/dc
6209540200010 UDS Motorola V.3400 / V3400 S/A, 230V

V.3400 / V3400 manual PDF files