V.32 bis 14.4 Kbps Dial/Leased Modem 14.4K bps Sync; Async to 57.6K w/V.42bis Data rates: 14.4K (ITU V.32bis), 9600 (V.32), 7200, 4800, 2400 (V.22bis), 1200 (212) bps LCD front panel for local and remote configuration 2 wire dial and 2/4 wire leased line w/restoral Autodialer w/V.25bis DC and 230 V power available

To Order - V3229
6209526200030 V.3229 S/A 115V
6209527100030 RM16M V.3229 Nest card
6200301900040 V.3229 S/A to nest card conversion kit
6209539700010 V.3229 S/A dc/dc
6209539600010 V.3229 S/A 115/230v