FT1002 port stand alone or 
nested configuration to 24 ports
Menu-driven LCD front panel for fast, easy set-up and configuration Add/Drop port: DSX-1, SF/ESF, coded AMI, or B8ZS 2 port stand alone or nested configuration to 24 ports Supervisory port allows access for configuration, remote configuration, diagnostics, and information on the TI line performance.



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6104506100010 FT100M (SNMP) Dual V.35 S/A
6496504600020 FT100S (V.35) S/A
6496504700040 RM16M FT100S (V.35) w/BP
6496504800040 FT100 LCD (2-V.35) S/A
6496504800070 FT100 (2-RS232) S/A
6496504800130 FT100 (V.35/RS232) S/A
6496504900100 RM16M FT100 (2-V.35) w/BP
6496504900280 RM16M FT100 (2-RS232) w/BP
6496504900340 RM16M FT100 (V.35/RS232) w/BP