Motorola 202T Modem
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The UDS / Motorola 202T is now the Telenetics MOT 202T modem
Like New and Refurb Only

Telenetics introduces the latest addition to the family of industrial grade, temperature hardened Modems, Model MOT202T. This 0-1800 bps leased telecom line or private wire modem is a pin-for-pin, form, fit and function replacement for the Motorola/UDS Model RM16M202T.  Telenetics recently signed a manufacturing license  with Motorola and we are now delivering this new product line.

 Features such as built-in diagnostic, anti-streaming, multi-power inputs (115 to 240AC, 12 to 125VDC) and heat/cold rated operating range capabilities make this modem a must for industrial applications.

Telenetics has designed modems that work in "remote" remote sites with very low failure rates. These devices work where other modems roll over and die. When a service call to a remote site can mean an all day trip these modems are the ideal solution. 

To service the growing need for efficient, reliable data communications in the harsh environments of "remote" remote sites and industrial facilities. Telenetics has developed a family of data communications products that can operate from various AC & DC power supplies and survive high surge levels and extreme heat and cold. All this without compromising the performance expected from state-of-the-art communications devices.

Specific Features

The Telenetics MOT202T is a Frequency Shift Keyed (FSK) modem which is designed for asynchronous operation at 0 to 1800 bps with good line conditioning, or 0 to 1200 bps asynchronous operation on unconditioned lines. The modem provides half duplex communications on 2 wire private lines or full duplex communications on 4 wire private lines, and is ideal for use in multipoint networks.

The 202T is a single printed circuit card enclosed in a new compact size housing. The unit features an integral anti-streaming protection option which prevents network Tie-ups by incorporating a delay timer that will disconnect a modem, if it remains in transmit mode longer than a selectable period of time. The 202T also features strap options for Request to-Send/Clear to Send Delay timing, Transmit Carrier, local Copy Squelch, Turnaround squelch, Soft Carrier Turn Off, Carrier Detect Level, Carrier Detect Delay, and Test Generator Baud Rate Select. These strap options allow the user greater control of the modem, for his individual application.  

The Telenetics MOT 202T  modem features built-in diagnostic and anti-streaming capabilities. The anti-streaming capability prevents a modem from remaining in the transmit mode when the modem is not actively transmitting data. The diagnostic features allow the user to verify transmitted and received data. 

The  modem is designed to be interchangeable between the Universal Data Shelf multiple modem enclosure (RM16M series) and the stand alone modem enclosure. By removing the modem card and attaching the optional front panel, the modem can be directly inserted into the Universal Data Shelf. With this feature, a data-communications facility can be easily upgrade front multiple standalone enclosures to a centralized rack without the expense and trouble of purchasing new modems.

  • Stand Alone MOT202T    62025197

  • Rack Card MOT 202T     62025209

  • DC Powered MOT 202T   62025266

The UDS 202T is back in production - desk tops, DC power and rack cards - now you can plan for future networks using the 202T modems.

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