Kentrox Q2300 Ethernet QoS Access Router
Ethernet DSL Cable service

Kentrox Q2300 Ethernet QoS Access Router for Ethernet DSL Cable service

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Kentrox Q2300 Ethernet QoS Access Router Ethernet DSL Cable


For Ethernet/DSL/Cable services
The Q2300 router makes low-cost broadband services practical for business. Until now, business-class routers have been expensive and overly complex to set up and use, while consumer level DSL and cable-modem routers have lacked business-quality monitoring, control, and security capabilities. The Q2300 router changes all this by combining the features of an IP router, QoS appliance, IPSec VPN appliance, firewall, and Ethernet switch into one easy-to-use network access device.


Simple low-cost installation

Traditional routers, security devices, and network access equipment can be difficult to set up, and often require special training. That can be problematic for many branch offices and small businesses that are trying to reduce support costs or do not have on-site expertise.

The Kentrox Q2300 router is designed to simplify installation with its intuitive GUI, making it faster and easier for both network administrators and less experienced installers. Advanced feature configurations, such as VPN tunnels, firewall, and QoS policies, are also made simpler by the router?s GUI.

Embedded, Web-style GUI simplifies management

The graphical user interface contains powerful tools to troubleshoot problems, run QoS reports, make configuration changes, set up traffic-shaping policies, or just check the health of the network. Accomplishing these tasks with command-line driven products can be difficult and time-consuming. Arranged logically and intuitively by function, the router's GUI is point-and-click easy.

Protect internal system from intrusion

To protect internal networks from outside intrusion, the router conceals LAN IP addresses using Network Address Translation (NAT). It also has an integrated Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall. The router firewall includes Intrusion Detection System (IDS) capability, which identifies and blocks common attacks. Application Layer Gateways (ALGs) pass common traffic types while preventing unwanted traffic from entering the LAN.

VPN support

With Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), you can take advantage of the cost savings associated with transmitting communications over IP services. The Q2300 secures up to 100 VPN tunnels with standards-based IPSec encryption (DES/3DES/AES) and authentication.

Its VPN support is designed for Virtual Private Networks Consortium interoperability and conformance. Dedicated hardware accelerates DES/3DES encryption to ensure full wire-speed performance.

VPN Tunnels

Up to 100 IPSec VPN tunnels mean flexibility and cost savings.

Deliver quality performance for critical business applications

Mission-critical applications and delay-sensitive traffic, such as VoIP and video, often suffer when competing with bursty Web traffic for WAN bandwidth. To ensure these applications get the necessary level of performance, the router provides Quality of Service (QoS) traffic shaping via industry-standard DiffServ queuing, supporting all six of the primary DiffServ QoS priority levels. QoS settings are even maintained through VPN tunnels. To prioritize traffic and generate traffic-specific reports, you can establish QoS policies by IP source and destination address, application and DiffServ class.

Fine-tune network performance with QoS monitoring and reports

The Q2300's graphical reports let you monitor traffic performance at each established QoS priority level to see whether the critical traffic flows are getting the bandwidth they need. The report data helps you identify performance problems and modify your QoS policies appropriately. To reduce bandwidth pinches, for example, you would simply view the current and historical performance reports, and adjust QoS policies as necessary to provide the appropriate amount of bandwidth for high-priority applications.

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