Kentrox DataSMART MAX T1 Dual-port Add Drop

Kentrox DataSMART MAX T1 Dual-port Add Drop

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Kentrox DataSMART MAX T1 Dual-port Add Drop


DataSMART® MAX™ T1 / FT1 multi-port DSU/CSUs from Kentrox help you consolidate traffi c at remote sites, and save access charges month after month. By leveraging unused bandwidth and merging voice, data and video traffi c onto a single T1 link, you can reduce the number of T1 / FT1 lines needed for WAN access. DataSMART MAX DSU/CSUs maximize your network uptime with convenient features, such as optional 10Base-T Ethernet for simplifi ed management. Each DSU/CSU includes a frontpanel LCD for easy local setup and management, along with support for standards-based SNMP management.


• Voice, data and video multiplexing
• Standards-based SNMP management
• Optional Ethernet connection for SNMP and Telnet management
• Front-panel LCD and LEDs for simple setup and troubleshooting
• Software-selectable data ports for fl exibility (V.35 and EIA-530)
• Free DataSMART Installer for Windows and Alarms Utility software
• Compatible with all major routers, video codecs, voice PBX and other customer premise equipment
• Supports leased-line, Internet, Frame Relay and frame-based SMDS/ATM DXI network services
• 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Easy installation and diagnostics
Shipped free with every unit, DataSMART
Installer is an intuitive, Windows-based confi guration and diagnostic utility. DataSMART Installer dramatically reduces setup time, by walking the user through the process using a series of Windowsbased templates. For easy local installation and troubleshooting, the DataSMART MAX also provides a front-panel LCD and diagnostic LEDs.

Performance monitoring and alarms
To help you resolve performance problems on your circuit, DataSMART MAX DSU/CSUs provide comprehensive T1 diagnostic tools. You can diagnose degradation of your T1 / FT1 circuit, and resolve it with your carrier before it affects service. With the DataSMART MAX, you can also download software upgrades, receive traps for important network events, and receive remote alarms.

Standards-based management
For your management requirements, the DataSMART MAX includes an embedded SNMP agent. The agent supports SETs, GETs and Traps, as well as the standard MIBs, such as MIB II and the T1 MIB. For comprehensive control, an enterprise MIB supports all available functions. In addition, a Telnet server is included, allowing direct access to the DataSMART MAX menus through the network. Remote access to the unit is available through RS232 control ports or an optional 10Base-T connection.

Alarms Utility
The Alarms Utility software monitors the network for interface and device errors, posting them to the event log in HP OpenView®. Custom icons uniquely identify all Kentrox devices for easy recognition on the Network Node Manager topology map.


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Line Rate: T1 (1.544 Mbps)

Framing: SF, ESF, Ericsson

Line Code: AMI, B8ZS

Input Signal: DS-1 from 0 dB to -27 dB, typical

Output Signal: DS-1 with LBO 0, -7.5,

-15 dB (selectable)

Mechanical: DA15 plug

Lightning Protection: Withstands lightning surges defi ned

per FCC Part 68, and recovers


Line Rate: T1 (1.544 Mbps)

Framing: SF, ESF, Ericsson

Line Code: AMI, B8ZS

Input Signal: DSX-1 to -10 dB

Output Signal: DSX-1 with equalization

Mechanical: DA15 socket


Bit Rate: Nx56 kbps or Nx64 kbps (N=1...24)

Electrical: V.35 compatible, DB25 socket or

EIA-530/RS449, DB25 socket


Control Ports: DCE and DTE


DE9 socket and plug

Daisy chain

38.4 kbps maximum

English menus


Ethernet Connection: Optional 10Base-T PCMCIA adapter

SNMP Agent:MIB II (RFC 1213)

DS1 MIB (RFC 1406)

Enterprise MIB

TELNET server

Responds to PING

Security fi lters (for IP source addresses)

Up to 10 SNMP Trap hosts

In-band: Via external router

In-band Menus: Via external router


Traps: SNMP Traps via SLIP or via Ethernet

ASCII: Transmitted out async control port


LEDs: Network interface status, terminal

interface status, data port status, power/fail,

test active

LCD: Front panel for confi guring, testing, and

display of unit status

Loop Tests: Line loopback, payload loopback,

local loopback, terminal loopback, data

terminal loopback, data port loopback

Line Test Codes: QRS, 3-in-24, 1-in-8, All 1s,

All 0s

Data Test Codes: 511, 2047

BERT Tester: Independent BERT on all test codes

Monitor Jacks: Network interface, transmit and



Data Storage: Last 24 hours of data in 15 minute

increments; last 7 days of data in 24-hour


Monitors: Network and terminal interface

Registers Reports: Separate for carrier and user

Based on G.821 for performance

Far end, alarm history, and network interface

statistical reports


AT&T: TR 54016-1989, TR 62411-1990,

TR 54019A

PUB 43802

ANSI: T1.403-1995

Bellcore: TR.194


FCC Compliance: Part 68; Part 15, Class A

NRTL Listed: UL 1950, 3rd Edition

CSA: 22.2; No. 950

IC: CS-03


Operating: 0° to 50° C

5% to 90% RH, non-condensing

Storage: -20° to 66° C, 5% to 95% RH


AC: 110 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 18W

DC: 24 to 48 VDC, 14W, dual power inputs


Usage: Desktop or rack mount (19" or 23")

Dimensions: 17.5" W x 1.72" H x 11.5" D

Weight: 7 lbs. (approximate)

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