Kentrox DataSMART 658 T1 DSU CSU
Data and Voice

Kentrox DataSMART DataSMART 658  T1 DSU CSU

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Kentrox DataSMART 658  T1 DSU CSU


The DataSMART 658 Single-Port Add/Drop DSU/CSU is designed for businesses that require both voice and data services. With the DataSMART 658, you can integrate your voice traffic from a T1 PBX and data or Internet traffic onto a single T1 / FT1 line, avoiding multiple WAN access charges.

The DataSMART® 656 and 658 single-port DSU/CSU is designed to cost-effectively connect your LAN to your corporate network or to the Internet. This DataSMART operates at T1 and fractional T1 rates from 56k to 1.536 Mbps in increments of Nx56 or Nx64 Kbps. The DataSMART 656 operates on point-to-point or Frame Relay networks. The DataSMART 656 is easy to install and maintain using the front panel LCD display or via Telnet or SNMP. The front panel LCD and LEDs indicate signal status and alarms while multiple loopbacks aid troubleshooting. Independent BERT functionality allows the user to send and detect varying test codes. Fully SNMP compliant, the DataSMART 656 can be managed by any SNMP manager. Built in Ethernet and RS-232 control ports provide management interface for local management. In-band management allows end-toend visibility in most networks.


• Connects router, video or any other other serial application
• Supports SNMP and Telnet
• Built in Ethernet management port
• Extensive loopbacks
• Independent BERT
• Front panel LCD display
• DataSMART Installer included at no charge
• Alarms Utility available as a free download from the Kentrox website
• 5-year manufacturer's warranty

network diagram

Add/drop port

The DataSMART 658 quickly and easily provides managed connectivity for voice and applications.



Line Rate: Internal or external clock;

1.544 Mb/s ± 50 bps

Line Code: AMI or B8ZS (selectable)

Line Impedance: 100 ohms ± 10 ohms at 772 kHz

Lightning Protection: Withstands lightning surges

defi ned per FCC Part 68, and recovers

Framing Format: SF or ESF per ANSI T1.403-1989,

and TR-54016-1989; Ericcson Framing (defi ned as

valid FT bits only)

Input Level: DSX-1 to -27.5 dB

Input Jitter Tolerance: Per TR 62411-1990 (p.4.7.1)

Output Level: Per ANSI T1.403-1989

3.0 Volt peak ± 10% into 100 ohms at output


Input Signal: Tolerant to impedance mismatches

Line Build Out: 0, 7.5, 15.0 selectable

Output Jitter: TR 62411-1990 (p.4.7.3)

Mechanical: DA15P (DB15 Male)


Bit Rates: 56 kHz to 1536 kHz

Mechanical: 34-pin MRAC34S connector

Electrical Interface: V.35 compatible

Interface Type: DCE


Control Ports: DE9 Plug (DTE); DE9S Socket (DCE)

Baud Rates: 2400, 9600, 19200, 38400

SNMP Agent: MIB II (RFC 1213), DS1 MIB

(RFC 1406), Enterprise MIB (available at Telnet Server; responds to

PING; security fi ler for IP source addresses; up to

10 SNMP trap hosts

In-band: FDL or dedicated DS0


FCC Compliance: Part 68; Part 15, Class A

NRTL Listed: UL 1950, 3rd Edition

CSA: 22.2; No. 950

IC: CS-03


Operating: 0° to 50° C (5% to 90% RH,


Storage: -20° C to 66° C (5% to 65% RH)

AC Input Range: 85 to 130 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz

Power Interruptions: Loss of power does not

damage the unit. Loss of power for less than 5

years does not change the confi guration settings

which may have been set by the user. Loss of

power for less than 2 hours (nominal) does not

affect the real-time clock setting.


AC: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 7W


Usage: Desktop or tray mount

Dimensions: 7.75" W x 1.65" H x 11.5" D

Weight: 2.5 lbs (approx.)


Hardware: 5 years


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