Kentrox DataSMART 552 56 64k DSU CSU

Kentrox DataSMART 552 56 64k DSU CSU

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Kentrox DataSMART 552 56/64k DSU/CSU


The DataSMART 552 56/64k DSU/CSU plugs into the Kentrox Universal Shelf for a compact, central site solution. It includes an embedded SNMP agent with support for standard and enterprise MIBs. You can download software upgrades, remotely configure the unit, and receive traps for important network events. The front-panel LEDs display important events such as service failure and test mode.

You can manage the DataSMART 552 and remote DataSMART units over a native Ethernet connection on the controller unit (typically a DataSMART 558). With multiple SNMP or Telnet sessions to a shelf, precious time can be saved at the network operations center by allowing multiple operators to troubleshoot problems concurrently.

The DataSMART DSU/CSU controller card can automatically load configuration information to new DataSMART 552 plug-in cards when they power up pre-assigning network parameters, initializing system information, and activating the embedded SNMP agent.


Low cost, SNMP-managed access to the Internet and other DDS services
Multiple clocking options for a variety of applications
Simple installation and highly reliable operation
Telnet access for dynamic troubleshooting
5-year manufacturer's warranty

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Line Rate: 56, 64 kbps

Line Code: AMI (T1.410)

Receiver: DS0 to -34dB

Mechanical: RJ48S

Lightning Protection: Withstands lightning surges

defi ned per FCC Part 68, and recovers


Baud Rate: 2.4, 9.6, 19.2 or 38.4 kbps

Electrical: EIA-574 (RS-232)

Mechanical: DE9S (DCE); DE9P (DTE)


SNMP Agent: Traps, Sets, and Gets

MIB: MIB II (RFV 1213) and Enterprise MIB

Management Interface: Control ports via SLIP or

10Base-T Ethernet port on optional controller card


LEDs: Power, download, network alarm and data,

data ports CTS/TxD and RTS/RxD

Loop Tests: CSU loopback, DSU loopback, data

port loopback


Operating: 0 to 50 C, 5% to 90% RH,


Storage: -20 to 66 C, 5% to 95% RH


DC: 24 to 48 VDC, 6W


2-slot Shelf: 17" W x 1.75" H x 12" D

12-slot Shelf: 17" W x 7" H x 12" D

Plug-in Card Weight: 2 lbs (approximately)

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