GarrettCom XTPS-Series External DC-DC
Power Supply Units


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GarrettCom XTPS-Series External DC-DC Power Supply Units


The XTPS-Series of DC-DC Converters connect to a DC power source (such as -48VDC and 24VDC) and convert it for use with GarrettCom’s MagnumÔ networking products that normally use an external power supply connected into an AC power source. This alternative DC power source allows Magnum Ethernet networking products to be used in applications such as telephone central offices and ISP communication centers that require DC power for high-availability. The DC input voltage is normally –48VDC nominal but models for 24VDC are also available. See “Ordering Information” below.


The XTPS units have a metal case with ventilation slots on the sides. One end has an input connector for “+” and “-“ wiring of 14 gauge or smaller wire. To connect, insert the stripped wires from the DC power source into insulated metal-gripping female ports. (This connection can be detached using a small screwdriver to release the grip). The other end has attached a 6ft. cable with a DC plug at the end that mates with the DC power jack (center positive, 2.5mm diameter) on the Magnum networking product. There is a fuse inside of the unit for protection, and a solid-state electronic DC-DC converter component. Different DC converter components are used internally to provide several XTPS models with different input and output ratings.


Operating Environment: Ambient Temperature: 32o to160oF; (0o to 70oC); Storage: -40oC to 85oC; Ambient Humidity: 10%-95% (non-condensing) Agency Approvals UL Listed (UL 1950), cUL, CE; Emissions meet FCC Part 15, Class A Packaging: Enclosure: High strength metal Dimensions: [3.5 x 2.0 x 1.0] in. [ 8.9 x 5.1 x 2.5] cm. Weight: 6 oz (175 g) including 6 ft. power cord Warranty Three years Made in USA

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