GarrettCom ITS Blade
for 2070 Traffic Controllers

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GarrettCom ITS Blade for 2070 Traffic Controllers


8-port hardened Ethernet Switch in a 2070 form factor. Six 10/100 copper ports and two 100 Mb fiber ports
Fully contained within a 2070 chassis, draws power from the Model 2070 chassis power supply
All Ethernet cabling is from rear access ports, no Model 2070 chassis backplane signal pin conflicts
Stand-alone plug-and-play Ethernet switch operation, no set-up or programming required
For use in curb-side traffic control boxes, designed to meet TS-2 specifications, tested at 40C to 75C ambient


The MagnumTM ITS Blade is a hardened eight-port Ethernet Switch in a board-level module designed to fit into slot A1 or A2 of a standard 2070 Traffic Controller chassis. It allows Ethernet to quickly and easily be configured as the high bandwidth communications protocol for the new generation of Intelligent Traffic Control systems.

Six Ethernet RJ-45 10/100Mb twisted pair copper cable ports connect to local devices at the intersection such as video cameras and the Model 2070 Controller, while two Ethernet fiber optic 100 Mb ports connect upstream to the TOC or to intermediate Ethernet Switches in the traffic control network. The Magnum ITS Blade module is entirely contained in a standard 2070 Traffic Control chassis, drawing power from the 2070 chassis power supply. Because no backplane signal pins are used, the ITS Blade module can be fitted into either a new or existing Model 2070 chassis without conflicting with other modules in the 2070. ITS Blade specifications comply with Caltrans and NEMA TS-2-1998 Standards for Traffic Controller Assemblies.

Deployment of Model 2070 Traffic Control chassis units is in temperature un-controlled roadside boxes, and the Magnum ITS Blade can take the heat . . . and the cold. Unique thermal techniques (patent pending) developed by GarrettCom technologists extend the ambient temperature operating range beyond standard product ratings, and improve operating lifetime and reliability. Ambient operating temperatures can be from 40C to +75C. The extreme temperature Ethernet technology is derived from the proven design of the companion product, the Magnum P62F Switch, already widely in use in Traffic Control Systems and other Outdoor Industrial Ethernet LAN applications.

There are three TC62F models of the Magnum ITS Blade available to suit installations using multi-mode fiber cable, single-mode fiber cable, or combinations of these fiber cable types. All are constructed for high reliability and EMI noise immunity. They insert into the A1 or A2 slot of a Model 2070 chassis, and operate from 5 VDC internal power. MTBF is over 20 years.

The Magnum ITS Blade and all Magnum products are designed and manufactured in the USA and are backed by a three-year warranty.


PERFORMANCE: RJ-45 Ports: # 2-6 are 100 or 10 Mb, auto-negotiating for speed and F/H duplex mode. Fiber Ports: # 1 and # 8 are 100 Mb fiber, full-duplex Processing type: Store and Forward, with IEEE 802.3x duplex, flow control non-blocking. System aggregate forwarding and filtering rate: 1190K pps Packet buffers: 256 KB Address Table size: 4K nodes Latency: less than 5s (not including packet time) PDV: 50BT

NETWORK STANDARDS: Ethernet: IEEE 802.3u, 100BASE-TX, FX; IEEE 802.3, 10BASE- QoS: 802.1p Packet Prioritization Auto Negotiation: IEEE 802.3u, occurs at LINK enable for each RJ-45 port All 10 Mb ports obey the rules for configuring 10 Mb Ethernet, all 100 Mb ports use Fast Ethernet rules MODEL 2070 C

HASSIS STANDARDS: Fits into Slot A1 or A2, draws power from the Model 2070 chassis power supply. Note- the ITS Blade is stand-alone for Ethernet operations; it does not plug into any backplane signal pins. MTBF (calculated per Telcordia standards): over 20 years 305,054 hrs. (35 years) 40C 229,803 hrs. (26 years) 60C

MECHANICAL: Dimensions: 7.0 in H x 1.6 in W x 8.7 in D (177 mm x 40.4 mm x 220 mm) Weight: 0.5lb. (0.25 kg) Bezel Color: Aluminum, black letters speed full T each Ethernet, chassis Ethernet

OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: Ambient Temperature: -40 to 167F (-40 to 75C) Cold start down to -25C Storage: -40 to 185F (-40to 85C) Ambient Relative Humidity: 10% - 95% (non-condensing) Altitude: to 15,000 ft. operating Operating Shock and Vibration: Designed to exceed Caltrans and ATC requirements and Telcordia GR-63-CORE Sections 4.4.1 and 4.4.3 Conformal Coating applied Note: Unique thermal techniques (patent pending) developed by GarrettCom technologists extend the ambient temperature operating range beyond standard product ratings, and improve operating lifetime and reliability.

NETWORK CABLE CONNECTORS: Fiber: 100 Mb Multi-mode SC type (2km), 100 Mb Single-mode SC-type (20km.) Other types (ST, LC, MTRJ) available via RFQ. RJ-45 shielded female, 100 Mb: Category 5 UTP/STP, 10 Mb: Cat. 3,4, 5

UTP POWER INPUT: 5VDC at 1.9 Amps, 2070 backplane pins ABC29 per TEES 03/02 Power Consumption: 8 watts typical, 10 watts max.

LED INDICATOR, UNIT: PWR: Steady on when power applied

LED INDICATORS PER PORT: Speed: ON = 100 Mb; OFF = 10 Mb (with LINK ON) Link/Act: Steady ON for LINK with no traffic, blinking indicates port is transmitting-receiving F/H: ON for full-duplex mode, OFF for half-duplex

AGENCY APPROVALS AND STANDARDS COMPLIANCE: Emissions meet FCC Part 15, Class A NEMA TS-2 (1998) for traffic control equipment.

WARRANTY: Three years Made in USA


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