GarrettCom Blade
cPCI Hub, cPCI or VME chassis

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Garrett cPCI Hub, cPCI or VME chassis
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GarrettCom Blade
cPCI Hub, cPCI or VME chassis


Dual speed 10/ 100Mb, 12 port Ethernet Hub-on-acard
Occupies a rear I/O slot, eliminating the need for a hub in a separate box
6U cPCI form factor, no backplane connection
MTBF over 30 years
NEBS Level 3 compliant, EMI Class B Magnum BLADE is a NEBS Level 3 Compliant, EMI Class B, twelveport Ethernet hub designed to fit into the Rear I/O slot of a Compact PCI chassis.


The Magnum Blade is a simple solution to cPCI Ethernet system problems and eliminates the need for a hub in a separate box. It provides efficient slot utilization in a 6U cPCI form factor; it has no back plane connection, MTBF over 30 years, and complies with 100BASE-T and 10BASE-T Ethernet standards.

There are three models of the Magnum Blade available. The model DS12 has twelve 10/100Mb dual-speed ports for cPCI; and the model DS12E has twelve 100Mb-only fixed-speed ports. The model DS12-VME has the same ports, but is inserted and removed with VME-style latches. All are constructed for high reliability and low EMI noise. They insert into a rear-I/O slot of a cPCI or VME chassis, and operate from 12 VDC internal power. Each hub card is standalone, eliminating backplane connections to maximize reliability.

Magnum Blade DS12s are high availability hubs with over a 30-year MTBF. The DS12s comply with 100BASE-TX and 10BASET Ethernet standards; and have 100Mb Class II + repeater functionality. With no switch-buffer latency, the repeater design is ideal for applications with critical packet-timing requirements.

These new hub-on-a-card products are a unique alternative to bulky rack-mount hub boxes, and are a simple space-saving solution to cPCI and VME chassis-based systems needing Ethernet connectivity. The Magnum Blade and all Magnum products are designed and manufactured in the USA and are backed by a three-year warranty.


PERFORMANCE: Data Rate: The model DS12 is 100 or 10 Mb/s per port, autosensing for speed. Supports two traffic domains, one at 100Mb and one at 10Mb, operating concurrently, with a bridge connection. The model DS12E is 100Mb-only, no auto-negotiation MTBF: (calculated per Bellcore standards) 287,864 hrs 40C 204,969 hrs 55C PDV (100Mb Path Delay Value): 80BT Partitioning: Enforced after 32 consecutive collisions Auto-reconnect: After one packet of error-free transmission INTERNAL DOMAIN SWITCH: Processing type: Store and Forward, Auto-learning: 2K addresses Packet buffers: 512KB packets Latency (not incl. packet time): 10 to 100Mb and 100 to 10Mb: 5 s

NETWORK STANDARDS: 100Mb: IEEE 802.3u, 100BASE-TX 10Mb: IEEE 802.3, 10BASE-T COMPACT PCI (and VME) STANDARDS: 6U Form Factor Note- the unit is stand-alone; it does not plug into any backplane connectors.

MECHANICAL: Dimensions: 10.3 in H x 0.8 in W x 3.3 in D (262 mm x 20 mm x 84 mm) Weight: 0.5lb. (0.25 kg) Bezel Color: Aluminum

OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: Ambient Temperature: 25 to 130F (-5 to 55C) Storage: -40to 185F (-40to 85C) Ambient Relative Humidity: 10% - 95% (non-condensing)

NETWORK CABLE CONNECTORS: Eight RJ-45 shielded female 100Mb: Use Category 5 UTP/STP 10Mb: Use Category 3, 4, 5 UTP SWITCHES, MANUAL: Up-link: Converts RJ-45 port #1 (at top) from a regular (= position) user segment port to a crossover (X position) up-link port connection to a central hub or switch (Thumb operated, located inside behind the bezel). POWER INPUT: Power Input: 12VDC Power Consumption: 6.5 watts typical

LED INDICATOR, UNIT: PWR: Steady on when power applied COL: Common collision indicator, for the 100Mb domain and the 10Mb domain

LED INDICATORS PER RJ-45 PORT: 100: Steady on when speed is 100Mb LK/RX: Steady on when LINK is operational, flashing for Receive activity

AGENCY APPROVALS: UL Listed (UL1950), cUL, CE Emissions meet FCC Part 15, Class B

WARRANTY: Three years Made in USA


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