GarrettCom10Mb 15-series Media Converters  

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GarrettCom 10Mb 15-series Media Converters


Family of models provides all 10Mb media combination types; all fiber connector types including multimode fiber-ST, multi-mode fiber-  SC, single-mode fiber-ST

Installs easily - simply attach cable segments to appropriate connectors on converter

Provides diagnostic and network status information at a glance through a full set of LEDs

Compact package, external power supply

Rugged metal enclosure, three year warranty


Magnum 10Mb Media Converters offer a compact, cost-effective way to adapt a pre-existing Ethernet cabling configuration as network requirements change. Models are available for all media combinations and fiber connector types. They offer a graceful way to convert and transmit data among 10Mb twisted-pair, fiber, and thin coaxial network environments. They cost significantly less than full repeaters and can be used whenever media distance limitations will not be exceeded in the new environment.

All units are compatible with Ethernet V 1.0 / 2.0 specifications and comply with IEEE 802.3 standards. Magnum Media Converters are easy to install even in very tight spaces. Media cables are simply attached to the corresponding Media Converter ports. The units, which are smaller than a bar of soap, can be mounted vertically on an office wall or the side of a desk or cabinet. Furthermore, the LEDs are mounted in a beveled edge for viewing at any angle.

The external power supply plugs into a nearby AC wall socket or power strip. Each converter has a full set of LEDs that convey essential diagnostic and status information.

Magnum Media Converters are designed for low-temperature operation over an extended period, and as a result, they are some of the most reliable in the industry. Their high-strength fabricated metal packaging shields against Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

Like all Magnum Ethernet connectivity products, they are designed and manufactured in the USA and are backed by a three year warranty.


PERFORMANCE: Data Rate: 10Mbits / second

OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: Ambient Temperature: 32 to 120F (0 to 50C) Storage: -20C to 85C Ambient Relative Humidity:10% - 95% (non-condensing)

PACKAGING: Enclosure: High-strength sheet metal Dimensions of units: 2.5 in D x 3.9 in W x 0.75 in H (6.35 cm D x 9.9 cm W x 1.9 cm H) Weight: Units: 7oz (197 g) Power Supply: 10oz (285 g) Cooling Method: Convection Rack-mount option - request quote for a rack-mount tray, holds up to 12 units, all M.C. models mix-and-match

CONNECTORS: RJ-45 Port: Shielded 8-Pin female, with up-link switch BNC Port: Standard BNC connector, RG-58 ThinNet Fiber Port: Fiber optic (standard ST or SC type), 10BASE-FL or single-mode

POWER SUPPLY (EXTERNAL): Power Input Voltage: 95-125 vac at 60 Hz for -d models, 200-250 vac at 50 Hz for -i models that have IEC power cable connector in the external power unit. Six foot DC power cable. (Note: an optional -48vdc external power unit is available) Power Consumption: 6 watts max.

AGENCY APPROVALS: UL Listed (UL 1950), cUL, CE Certified Emissions: Meets FCC Part 15 Class A, CE

WARRANTY: Three years Made in USA  

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