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Buy Now      821                     Ethernet LAN Extender Kit - 100Mbps 1-port over 1-pair wiring
Buy Now      824                     Ethernet LAN Extender Kit - Gigabit 4-port over 1-pair wiring
Buy Now      824W                 Outdoor PoE powered 824 - Gigabit 2-port over 4-pair wiring 
Buy Now      828                     4-pair PoE powered Gigabit Extender Unit
Buy Now      828W                 4-pair Outdoor PoE powered Gigabit Ethernet Extender
Buy Now      860 PRO            1-pair Gigabit Ethernet Extender Kit
Buy Now      860W PRO        1-pair Outdoor Gigabit Ethernet Extender Kit
Buy Now      821P                   PoE Extender Kit  - 100Mbps 1-port PoE over 4-pair wiring
Buy Now      824WP               Outdoor PoE powered 821P - Gigabit PoE    2-port over 4-pair wiring
Buy Now      828P                   PoE Extender Kit - Gigabit 2 Port PoE over 4-pair
Buy Now      828W                 Outdoor 828 Unit - Gigabit PoE 2-port over 4-pair wiring
Buy Now      828WP               Outdoor PoE powered 828P - Gigabit PoE 2-port over 4-pair wiring
Buy Now      865 PRO            PoE Extender Kit   - Gigabit PoE 2 ~ 4 Port PoE over 4-pair wiring
Buy Now      865W PRO        Outdoor PoE powered 865 PRO - Gigabit PoE over 4-pair wiring
Buy Now      865Q PRO         75W PoE Extender Kit   - Gigabit PoE 1-Port PoE over 8-pair wiring
Buy Now      865QW PRO     Outdoor PoE powered 865Q PRO - 1-Port PoE over 8-pair wiring
Buy Now      8948                   8948 48-port Ethernet DSLAM Concentrator *
Buy Now      8924                   8924 24-port Ethernet DSLAM Concentrator *
Buy Now      8916                   8916 16-port Ethernet DSLAM Concentrator *
Buy Now      8908                   8908 8-port Ethernet DSLAM Concentrator
Buy Now      850                     850 VDSL2 CPE
Buy Now      830                     830 ADSL2+ CPE
Buy Now      8955                   8955 8-port PoE DSLAM Concentrator
Buy Now      870                     870 PoE CPE for use on 8955 only
Buy Now      324                     24V PoE Reducer *
Buy Now      360                     61W - 56VDC Gigabit PoE+ Injector *
Buy Now      375                     75W - 56VDC PoE+ Injector *
Buy Now      3400R                2400W - 48V ~ 60V DC 1U Rackmount Injector
Buy Now      3600R                488W - 56VDC Rackmount Injector *
Buy Now      8805                   High Power Gigabit PoE Switch 5 Port 30W per port
Buy Now      8805M               Automo`ve Gigabit PoE Switch 5 Port 30W per port
Buy Now      8808F                 Gigabit PoE Fiber SFP Switch 8 Port 30W per port
Buy Now      265LP                 265LP Gigabit Lightning Surge Protector Kit *


EnableIT is globally known for its superior engineered Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender solutions that deliver dramatic network performance-improvement and significant cost savings over traditional wireless or fiber technology. We are pioneers in the Ethernet and PoE industries. Our Ethernet Extenders and PoE Extenders deliver unsurpassed Ethernet performance, power, and reach! And we offer the most knowledgeable English-speaking customer service and technical support in the industry.


Enable-IT is the only Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender source on the PLANET who can guarantee 100% US based design, development, manufacture, shipping, and support of our superior Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender Solutions. 


Enable-IT has pioneered and dominated the Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender industry since 1997 and has built a worldwide brand recognition for our innovative solutions in commercial, residential, and hospitality HSIA solutions.

Enable-IT is pleased to provide the simplest to use and most cost effective Industrial Ethernet Extender and PoE Extender technology to exceed your expectations and deliver significant value.  Our customers include the Military; NASA; aerospace manufacturers; nautical infrastructure builders; video surveillance and security specialists; advanced telecommunications companies; extreme mining operators; global construction enterprises; commercial agriculture companies; major healthcare providers; live entertainment, broadcasting, and news agencies; extreme retail/POS organizations; long-distance education companies; international hospitality companies; and many many more.


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