Draytek VigorAccess A24 ADSL2 DSLAM
24 to 168 ports ADSL2/2+, Annex A / L / M
IP DSLAM aggregates DSL subscribers

To meet the increasing demand for high-speed internet access and triple play application service. The next generation network offers a feasible functionality of integrated services with the most cost effective architecture.IP DSLAM network is designed to provide rich video contents, DSL, POTS and VoIP service over traditional copper wire infrastructure. These types of service will be supported on NGN architecture simultaneously. DSL is used as the data service platform, video and VoIP or traditional POTS technology is basis of the voice service. The multimedia and local content-rich applications can also be easily implemented on this NGN architecture. The IVD product combines VoIP, DSL on CO side to provide telecom class voice quality. The customer can call POTS phone and surf IPTV program simultaneously. IVD can be easily configured by VigorCMS. The Vigor CMS system covers topology, configuration, deployment, security, alarm management and backup storage.



  • High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)
    IP DSLAM aggregates DSL subscribers and terminates the encapsulated type ATM cell. User can easily access extreme high speed Internet through the IP backbone network.

  • Gaming Application Service
    By combining gaming server, IP DSLAM can provide gaming service.

  • Stream TV Service
    IP DSLAM uses ADSL2+ high speed DSL technology, and supports stream TV service.

  • Video on Demand Service
    Service provider can offer multimedia services by setting up video or content server on the local side. By combining rich content video server, IP DSLAM also provides the Video on Demand service. User can enjoy multimedia content based on IP DSLAM architecture.

  • VoIP Service
    IP DSLAM can combine IAD, DSL/VoIP gateway to provide toll quality voice communication in terms of voice quality and reliability.

  • Mail or Portal Service
    IP DSLAM provides the feasibility to connect mail or proxy server by combining IP DSLAM.

  • Enterprise Solution
    System integrator provides enterprise with VoIP, Video on Demand, ADSL2+ and VDSL bundle IP DSLAM solution. The firewall and VPN security of IP DSLAM is also provided by the architecture to meet business requirement. This application is suitable on Hotel and MTU application. The system provides Annex M 3Mbps rate as high speed uplink rate requirement for the enterprise customer.

  • Rich Content Application
    IP DSLAM is able to integrate with content server to offer corporation, mall, building ,or campus a complete network with rich services. These services include video on demand, remote monitor, building security and product browsing.

Main Feature

  • 24 to 168 ports ADSL2/2+, Annex A / L / M

  • Packet filter, and password protection

  • Splitter built-in

  • Selectable one or two Gigabit optical interface for Master device

  • 6 ports cascaded Gigabit copper interface for Slave device

  • Common central office and outside plant deployments

  • Single IP management

  • Packet filter and classification

  • IGMP snooping V1, V2 for IPTV application

  • DELT and SELT line test support

  • Long reach DSL for expended range

  • Annex M for 3M upstream and 20M downstream

  • 4 QoS queues for IP Video, VoIP and date stream handling

  • IEEE802.1Q VLAN, 802.1p for multimedia stream


  • New DSL technology - ADSL2/2+, Annex A / L / M

  • Inventory saving for common on CO and RT

  • Scalable architecture for 24 to 168 ports

  • Reliability for Telecom approval product

  • Strict QoS for critical multimedia stream

  • Telecom approval VigorCMS



Triple-Play Deployment The triple-play applications will be more popular and the VigorAccess series support cost-effective delivery of data, voice and video services. The up to 24Mbps downstream, multiple PVCs, QoS, IGMP snooping and multicast capabilities can help you to offer the value-added services. Users can easily access Internet and use Stream TV, VoD and VoIP applications. Teleco can provide toll quality VoIP for subscriber.



Community Application Many people live in the various high-density residential environment. The VigorAccess series can offer building complex, campus or community a complete network with rich services. These services include video on demand. remote monitor, building security, product browsing, and local LAN. The advantages of the system architecture facilitate local content management and reduce the content access cost by minimizing traffic loading of the outgoing link. Teleco can integrate POTS to VoIP on CO side to reduce operation and maintenance fee of PSTN.

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