Draytek Vigor 2200Eplus VPN Router 
DrayTek Vigor 2200Eplus

The DrayTek Vigor2200Eplus is a highly Integrated broadband router with VPN capability targeting SOHO and residential broadband access.

Besides powerful firewall protection against malicious Denial of Service attacks, the DrayTek Vigor2200Eplus is designed with more advanced security feature such as Stateful Packet Inspection to offer network reliability by detecting attacks and prohibits malicious penetrating packets from entering Internal network.

Furthermore, embedded with multi-protocol (IPSec/L2TP/PPTP/L2TP over IPSec) VPN for confidential remote access, the DrayTek Vigor2200Eplus is equipped with powerful DES, 3DES encryption engine and automated key management via IKE to easily create up to 16 simultaneous VPN tunnels. The DrayTek Vigor2200E plus is ideal for teleworkers and branch offices.

1. Internet / WAN

2. LAN

3. Firewall Facilities

4. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Facilities

5. Flexible URL Content Filtering

6. Application Support

7. Router Management

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